With the return of good weather and grilling, we reveal how to cook Toulouse sausage correctly


Sunny days are back and, with them, the famous Toulouse sausage cooked on the barbecue. But do you know how to cook this pink city preparation? We went to meet one of the most famous butchers in Toulouse, who tells us everything there is to know about this famous sausage.

Located in the heart of the Victor Hugo market, the Garcia delicatessen is a real institution in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne). For 61 years, this artisanal and family business has been producing what many consider to be the best sausage in Toulouse.

300 kilos are sold every week. This is where we find Loïc Garcia, 31 years old. The young butcher took over from his parents at the helm of the brand last January. It is he who will reveal the secrets of the preparation of Toulouse, famous all over the world. Here is his full video interview:

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Loïc Garcia, butcher

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What is Toulouse sausage?

The real Toulouse sausage is above all a recipe: first course, Occitan pork breast and shoulder, if possible, freshly chopped pepper, Occitan salt and coarse intestine.The The peculiarity of the sausage is that it is minced with a diameter of one centimeter large, explains Loïc Garcia. In comparison, the Strasbourg sausage is very finely chopped.

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Toulouse sausage

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It is recognized “for its large pieces of meat and fat that give it a special texture when cooked and when eaten” describes the butcher craftsman.

The essential question: Should we prick the Toulouse sausage?

This question is probably the most important: should you prick the Toulouse sausage for cooking? Loïc Garcia is categorical “we must not prick her! This is really important, because you don’t add more fat than necessary. If you hit it, you dry it and you won’t get the desired taste.

The delicatessen from Toulouse recommends cooking in a pan.We put the fire to the maximum and then the sausage for a minute on each side to brown it. Then, lower the heat and put the lid on, turning it 4-5 minutes per side. It needs to cook a little longer because it has a large diameter and is chopped very thick. It takes some cooking time“advises Loïc Garcia.

And what about cooking on the barbecue?

For the barbecue, cooking is a little different.Feeling is very important when making a barbecue, says market butcher Victor Hugo. We know at what temperature dew is and at what temperature it is cooked. The best technique is a double grill that allows you to turn the sausage without sticking it. When the sausage is well marked on both sides, it is ready “.

France 3 Occitanie offers you another solution quite similar to the pan : place your embers on one half of your barbecue grill. Grill your sausage on both sides on this “fire” (one minute each). Place your sausage on the part of the grill without charcoal and without flame, then close the barbecue. Your Toulouse sausage will be crisp and smoked to perfection after 4-5 minutes.

You can also choose to bake, but Loïc Garcia does not recommend it, because “dry the product“.

A fresh sausage from Toulouse, as it is “salt and pepper“, can stay six to seven days in your refrigerator. Otherwise, put it in the freezer. You know everything. Enjoy your meal !

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