Why should you make an aperitif with chocolate?


What if we told you that you’ve been eating chocolate the wrong way all this time? Chocolate experts – the equivalent of oenology on the subject of chocolate – all agree that to savor chocolate at its true value, it must be tasted according to some very specific rules. Starting without eating or drinking anything for 20 minutes before biting into the tablet. In other words, away from meals. For the expert in the sector, Jennifer Earle, British chocolatier and international chocolate judge, it would be better to bite into a piece of chocolate rather at the aperitif than at the moment of dessert.

We asked the opinion of Loïc Daemen, Galler’s master chocolatier. It is not so categorical: “Everything is possible, in the end it will be the consumer who will have the last word”, tell us. However, it is true that the associations around chocolate are reinventing themselves.

The winning combination? Chocolate and gin

He himself has just perfected an association that until now had been deemed unlikely: drinking gin while enjoying chocolate. A daring partnership, but which did not come out of nowhere: “In recent years, Gin has come back into fashion. We can really talk about Gin mania and at the chocolate factory we try to offer capsule collections in step with the times! The gin-chocolate association allows a 360 °, global, total taste experience. “.

Galler’s idea was above all to offer unique, creative and unusual experiences. “The current boom in cocktail culture has also motivated us”, He explains. The chocolate factory then teamed up with Ardent Spirit, another Liege-based company offering 100% organic gins. “Our chocolate blends perfectly with the citrus, grapefruit and mandarin notes of the Apoteek gin. By creating this unique combination, we wanted to bring chocolate back to aperitif time “. So, instead of running for your piece of chocolate at snack time, now think about offering it as an aperitif toast. Something to impress your guests!

Aren’t you too much gin? Rest assured, there are other possible combinations to enhance all the flavors of chocolate.

In alcohol, Loïc recommends pairing champagne with a bar of white raspberry chocolate. “The effervescence of the bubbles goes perfectly with the chocolaty sweetness of white chocolate. “ If you’re more of a hops lover, beer and chocolate work great too. Here our expert recommends turning to an IPA beer and a milk chocolate instead. “The pairing works well thanks to the sweetness of the milk chocolate and the refreshing side of the IPA”. If port is your pleasure, then switch to dark chocolate: “It has less sugar and more bitterness and will pair perfectly with port, which is sweeter.” Finally, if you don’t drink alcohol, tea and chocolate are a safe bet. “Plus, it’s the kind of association we can afford every day.”

Do you want to try these new chords? Galler offers several boxes to learn about chocolate at aperitif time. You can choose between a box consisting of a miniature bottle of 100ml gin and a large assortment of Mini Tablets, pralines and Rawetes. And another box that includes a beautiful 500ml bottle of matching gin and Mini Tablets. The idea? Grate your mini 70% dark chocolate bar or break up small chunks of chocolate that you put in your gin glass.

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