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Like in the cinema, enjoy a good movie while enjoying popcorn. Sweet, salty or caramelized, it is available for all tastes. To make your preparation a success in record time, all you need is a few ingredients and a good popcorn machine.

How to choose your popcorn maker?

Whether it’s for movie nights, aperitifs, birthdays or games on TV, with family or friends, popcorn has won its place. Appreciated by young and old, it can be eaten simple, salty, sweet or caramelized. If you prefer home-made, why not get yourself a popcorn machine? With power ranging from 70W to 1400W, the popcorn maker blasts corn kernels evenly in minutes. You need to add some butter or oil to make delicious popcorn without the risk of burning.

The operation of a popcorn machine is based on a system that diffuses hot air or a propeller. The advantage of the first model is that it is not necessary to add oil. All you have to do is put the corn seeds in the tank, turn on the device and place the collecting bowl in the intended place. The propeller popcorn maker, on the other hand, needs to be oiled before putting the seeds and lid in place.

To find the popcorn maker that meets your needs, various parameters come into play, in addition to the type of machine. Power is part of it, because cooking time depends on it. Tank capacity is also one of the points to consider when buying a popcorn maker. Compact models take up less space in the kitchen. They do not, however, allow you to make a large amount of popcorn. If you are going to make popcorn for 8 people, you need an appliance with a bowl with a capacity of 50 or 55g.

Design can also be one of the important criteria to consider when choosing your future popcorn machine. If you plan to place it prominently in your kitchen, it’s a good idea that its style is in harmony with that of the room. Maintenance is also an important criterion. It is recommended to choose an easy-to-clean device to save time. Choose models with removable parts that can go in the dishwasher.

Note that corn seeds don’t burst in the same way. Some turn into mushroom-shaped popcorn while others pop like a butterfly. The latter is the most consumed. To prepare it you need corn seeds called Butterfly, rich in water and starch. If you want to make popcorn with a sweet taste, opt for powdered sugar. It does not stick to the bowl when popcorn pops. Count a spoonful per preparation. Stop the machine before sprinkling the puffed seeds with powdered sugar. Allow time to melt to coat the preparation.

Choose from our selection of the best popcorn machines according to your needs.

Our choice: popcorn machine, detachable pan

Do you like to snack on popcorn while watching a movie? Our team brings you this red electric popcorn maker from Yabano to make your preparation a success in 3 minutes. Equipped with a 5 liter bowl, it allows you to prepare 24 cups of popcorn in a single operation. To taste, you can add spices and butter.

Practical, this small appliance is equipped with a motorized agitator that distributes the corn seeds evenly. In addition, the non-stick pan is removable and the handles are heat resistant.

Popcorn maker, fat free hot air circulation

If you are looking for a powerful popcorn maker with no added fat, we recommend Beper.Perfect for home use, this 1200W popcorn maker allows you to make crispy and fragrant popcorn in under 3 minutes.Something to delight the family and friends!

This Beper Popcorn Maker cooks corn seeds without butter or oil thanks to the hot air system. Rests on non-slip feet for comfortable use. Thanks to its low weight (1.2 kg), it is easily transportable during the holidays.

1100W popcorn machine, hot air cooking, ready in 3 minutes

Passionate about cooking without oil, therefore healthier, we recommend this small appliance for making your popcorn. This Taurus popcorn machine has a power of 1,100 W. Based on a hot air cooking system, it allows you to prepare popcorn without adding fat. Only count 3 minutes to get a bowl filled with tasty popcorn.

Also, this popcorn maker is fanless, so it’s quieter. In addition to its various advantages, this device is easy to maintain. After use, simply polish the tank with a damp cloth soaked in a few drops of detergent and dry it.

1200W popcorn maker, oil free and fat free

For a successful movie session, don’t forget the popcorn! Introducing this Russell Hobbs Fiesta 1200W Popcorn Maker which is capable of producing up to 12 cups of popcorn. So you will have plenty of things to do for a snack!

This small appliance from Russell Hobbs uses hot air to pop corn seeds. Therefore, no addition of fat is required. The guarantee of healthy cooking! The measuring cup supplied with the machine helps to prepare the desired quantity. The lid of this Fiesta popcorn maker is removable, making it easy to clean.

Collapsible silicone popcorn bowl

Prepare fat-free homemade popcorn in just 3 minutes in the microwave using this Lékué silicone popcorn bowl selected by our team. Just open the bowl and put the corn seeds. Salt before putting it in the microwave. There is no need to add oil or butter! Once you are done preparing, you can put the bowl in the dishwasher and simply squeeze it to fold it before putting it away.

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