Wedding ring. The Ressourcerie’s ways to increase its revenue


the essential
La Ressourcerie de Foix regrets that the turnover of its shop does not cover all its expenses. Then multiply the projects to find other resources: empty house service, organic waste management of companies, etc.

“Currently the cash flow of the shop does not cover the expenses of the Ressourcerie”. Yannick Magnin, a multifaceted expert, continues: “In order for the association’s activity to continue, we therefore depend on aid, particularly for hiring, and on concessional contracts. These can be financed up to 80%. But, in these elections, period, currently, these aids are frozen. These aids can vary, so the Ressourcerie does not want to rely on them to consider its future “. In an attempt, therefore, to be totally autonomous and to guarantee its feasibility, the association De la ressource à la clef, which manages the structure, has therefore launched many paths of reflection to multiply the sources of income.

Houses completely emptied

First, the shop is now more open. From 9 April, in fact, it is open every Saturday from 10:00 to 13:00, in addition to the pre-existing openings, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00 (the deposit closes at 5 pm). As Mangin explains, “with the opening on Saturday, we hope to bring or bring back people who are not used to the Ressourcerie, who have not been able to come”. With also a novelty that satisfies customers: now the structure takes the credit card.

Another novelty, the plant aims to manage organic waste from private companies but also from public structures. “The idea is that these facilities pay us to manage their organic waste, so that we compost it and they don’t have to deal with it,” indicates the assessor. In this sense, a contract has already been signed with the Grandes halles Saint-Volusien, at the Capitany. “No other contract has been signed but we are in negotiations on Foix and its surroundings. And we are also in contact with the municipalities, because we think they may be interested, especially for school canteens”, he testifies.

Also recently, the Ressourcerie launched a house clearing service. With a strong argument: if the customer wishes, the Ressourcerie can empty everything, even what cannot be recovered. “The second-hand dealers, for example, only take what interests them, explains Mr. Mangin. We take everything and are paid by the hour and based on what we can evaluate in the shop”. Interested people can contact 06 51 24 09 65 for a quote and more information.

I’m looking for volunteers

Definitely rich in ideas, the Ressourcerie has also launched “awareness” missions, especially in schools, underlines M. Mangin. The idea is to explain how waste management is going, how much we bury every day in Ariège, how we reduce our waste … “

Remember that the role of a Ressourcerie is to collect, reuse and resell the user’s items. In this dynamic, the Fuxéenne facility is looking for volunteers who have specific skills on thermal devices and the music department. Volunteers play an important role here: in 2021, employees represented 6 full-time equivalents and 4.75 full-time equivalent volunteers. Two civic services have intervened to expand the device. “It’s true it’s crowded, Yannick Magnin smiles. But there’s work!”

75.9 tons of items collected in one year

“Overall, we have a general increase in items being brought to us,” says Yannick Magnin, a versatile surveyor at the county town’s Ressourcerie. In 2021, 75.9 tons were collected from the structure: almost 70 tons deposited at the Ressourcerie and 6 tons collected at home. Total sales weight represents 36,435 kg of the 75,995 kg collected. “We have huge arrivals of crockery and textiles, continues Mr. Magnin. They bring us the equivalent of four large dumpsters of clothes every day. Vertex collects the stained and punctured ones and the ones we can’t resell. For crockery, we haven’t yet found a channel to reuse broken or chipped items. So, for now, all of this goes to the recycling center. ” Note that, since Friday, the clothing sales have moved to the summer collections.

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