Waffle mixes put to the test


Last week, ready-made commercial waffles were tested. This week, we continue on the same theme with the analysis of ready-to-cook waffle mixes. Our analysis!


A dozen waffle mixes were compared. Although the serving sizes listed in the nutrition facts table will vary from one waffle mix to another, many brands offer a reference serving size of 40g (about 1⁄4 or 1/3 cup). This portion, once prepared, is equivalent to 1 or 2 pods.

Per 40g serving of blend, the products provide:

  • Between 129 and 160 calories
  • Between 1 and 7 g of sugars
  • Between 95 and 670 mg of sodium
  • Between 0 and 6 g of fiber
  • Between 2 and 6.5 g of protein
  • Between 0 and 3 g of lipids
  • Between 0 and 1 g of saturated fat

Like last week’s test case, sugar and sodium content are the nutritional criteria that impact the winners the most.

The best choices

Among the different waffle blends analyzed, two stand out:

Belgian waffle with honey, banana, walnuts and blueberries

► The mix of wholemeal pancakes and waffles from Choice of the President

Belgian waffle with honey, banana, walnuts and blueberries

► Bisquick multi-purpose gluten-free mix from Betty Crocker

Preparation for wholemeal pancakes and waffles Choice of the President it is one of the lowest in sugars (1.3 g) on ​​the test bench. Made up mostly of whole wheat flour and wheat bran, it provides 6g of fiber per serving in addition to its 6g of protein, which is very interesting. Its sodium content is slightly below average. This blend is therefore the big winner of this test case!

With its low sugar content (1.7 g), Bisquick Mix gluten-free for all uses Betty Crocker ranks among the best choices. Its ingredient list is short and contains no palm oil. Its sodium content (350 mg) is slightly below average.

A great discovery

Belgian waffle with honey, banana, walnuts and blueberries

Despite its name, pancake mix Organic Quinoa Gogo it can also be used to make waffles. Its sodium intake is moderate (95 mg) and its short list of ingredients containing few additives is very interesting. In addition to providing only 1 g of sugar, the dough provides 2 g of fiber thanks to the presence of brown rice flour and quinoa.

The worst choices

Belgian waffle with honey, banana, walnuts and blueberries

► The complete pancake and waffle mix from Pearl milling company

Belgian waffle with honey, banana, walnuts and blueberries

► The gluten-free pancake and waffle mix by Kinnikinnick

Although its ingredient list is the shortest, the complete mix of pancakes and waffles Pearl milling company it is, with 506 mg of sodium, among the saltiest blends. Plus, it contains nearly four times more sugar (4.7g) than top choices and just 1.1g of fiber. From the same company the complete mix of pancakes and waffles, buttermilk flavor it is the saltiest on the test bench, it provides 670 mg of sodium. Too bad, because it doesn’t add any fat.

Because gluten-free pancake and waffle mix contains chickpea flour, it is the dough with the highest protein content (6.5 g). On the other hand, it is also, with its 7 g of sugars, the sweetest blend on the test bench. Plus, it only provides 1g of fiber and above-average sodium (480mg).

Blends for waffles ready to cook or ready-to-eat waffles?

Our two test benches allow us to evaluate which waffle samples are on the market. Should we opt for ready-made waffles or ready-to-cook waffles?

With the addition of milk (or vegetable soy drink) and eggs, the mixture to be prepared provides more protein than ready-made waffles. Baking waffles also provides, on average, double the fiber than ready-made waffles. As for the sugar and sodium content, they are too variable depending on the mixes, which does not allow us to clearly indicate the best choice.

Homemade waffles

It will always be a winner to cook homemade waffles, because the control over the ingredients makes it the number one choice! You can use wholemeal flour and also add chia, camelina, or flax seeds.

Thanks to Josianne Poirier, intern in dietetic technique, for her precious collaboration.

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