VIDEO. Mice filmed in a KFC restaurant in Strasbourg, the management replies


There were footage of mice wandering around a KFC restaurant in Strasbourg.
There were footage of mice wandering around a KFC restaurant in Strasbourg. (© Twitter video screenshot)

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, rats or mice were filmed roaming the corridors of the KFC restaurant Iron Man, in Strasbourg.

Two videos were shared on Twitter. Their authors, interviewed by Strasbourg newsdescribe the unfolding of the facts.

At least four mice sighted

Jérémy and his friends had just come out of an escape game as they strolled the streets of Strasbourg. “At one point, one of them said to me:“ Ah but there are rats in the KFC! », Traces the young man of 21 years.

“It was exactly 00:52,” continues his girlfriend, Chloe. “The restaurant lights were on as if it were open, but it wasn’t. The trash cans weren’t emptied and there was a piece of chicken bone and stains on the floor, like spilled drinks, ”she continues.

Both Chloé and Jérémy mention “at least four mice” seen that evening. Loïc, also present, says he has seen five of them.

Mice or young rats?

To find out if they are mice or young rats, we asked Jonathan Rive, pest control at NuisiProtect, to whom we sent the video. “The tail, the gait and the ears make me lean towards a mouse rather than a baby mouse”, slices the expert.

“It is a mouse without hesitation”, confirms David Oliveira, technician of DKM Experts, who recognizes the animal by its “morphology and movement”.

“Warn people”

“With all the food scandals we’ve been hearing about lately, I find it absurd to see such a thing,” says Loïc.

Video: currently on Actu

Jérémy explains that he chose to post the videos on Twitter to “alert people”. “I put myself in the shoes of the people who eat there,” he says.

“I wouldn’t like to eat in a fast food restaurant where there are rats or mice wandering around,” agrees Chloé. “It is not to make bad publicity for the KFC, but only to prevent and that this company is more vigilant in terms of hygiene”, specifies the young woman of 20 years.

“The hygiene of our restaurant is our priority,” replies KFC

“We are deeply sorry for this incident”, reacts René Gueudré, KFC franchisee, requested by us. “As soon as we were informed, we took all necessary measures to correct the situation,” he adds.

Mr. Gueudre adds:

The hygiene of our restaurant is our priority. We respect strict health protocols – further strengthened by the Covid-19 emergency – with cleaning of the kitchens and the room several times a day. Unfortunately, no restaurant is immune to isolated incidents and we are fully mobilized to address them.


The company also contacted Jérémy via private message on Twitter. “We will pass on the information,” he assures us.

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