Vendée: influencers, network stars courted by food brands


Cécile Bodin expects a lot from the operation
Cécile Bodin expects a lot from the “Miam” operation © Journal des Sables

Yum. It is not just the expression you will use this evening in front of your plate if, fortunately, it is appetizing.

It is also an acronym for an operation that will take place in June a Sables d’Olonne and which illustrates the increasingly close links between food, gastronomy and social networks. “Influencer Marketing organized by Aioli for Brands”. This Miam will bring together in Les Sables-d’Olonne a large group of influencers specialized in the field of food to raise awareness of the quality of the brands defended by Aïoli, a company based in Numerimer for three years.

Food, a social indicator

With around twenty employees, the company continues to work improve the web visibility of its customers. 90% of the company’s business is in the food sector. Pasquier, Daucy, Routhiau, are some of the names the company is working to promote to consumers in the digital environment. “A market as interesting as it is innovative”, says Cécile Bodin, co-manager of Aïoli with Manuel Séjourné. And in this register, influencers become essential relays. Aioli works with around 200 influencers.

The environment has developed enormously. Instagram allows people to create communities easily and for free. They benefit from a not inconsiderable power of ambassador. The influencer has this ability to enter the sphere of intimacy.

As close as possible to the consumer, then.

The latter has never been so interested in food and cooking. The success of cooking programs is an example of this. Covid has further accentuated this interest by pushing families to favor homemade products. Young people are also increasingly interested in what they have on their plate. “Food has become a social indicator. “

The trend has reinforced the increasingly competitive nature of the food market. The image and social networks thus become weapons of mass seduction for professionals.

Guests to pamper

In this increasingly competitive environment, influencers are little stars whose advice is seen for some as words of the Gospel, for others as small ideas that will remain in the corner of the consumer’s head. Never underestimate!

Video: currently on Actu

Hence the event organized in June by Aïoli. Yum Vendée will bring together about fifty influencers from the great West in Les Sables-d’Olonne such as @silviafloresmx, @lesideesdemimi, @food_cakes_andco, @frenchieandfoody, @frenchtablier. And many others!

The idea? Pamper them, of course. But also to offer them new perspectives that they can then share with their communities. They will thus be able to participate in workshops such as the one on the topic of chocolate which will be offered by Mélanie Paulau, a specialist in Vendée chocolate, seen with Thierry Marx. A culinary photographic workshop, a conference with Gabriella, finalist of the Best Pastry Chef, a barbecue workshop with Florian Villa, chef of Osmose in The rock on youthey are also on the menu.

Obviously, some products offered by partner brands will circulate during the event. Also, local brands: Goulibeur, Petitgars, Marmite et Cocotte, 20 ° north / 20 ° south, SDV France, etc.

The event will take place on 10 June at the Aïoli headquarters. It will be reserved for invited influencers. But the general public should not be slow to measure the lessons on the networks.

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