Triel-sur-Seine: Emeric takes over the Saint-Martin restaurant


Emeric Baroux presents the veal breast confit with cider, accompanied by roasted vegetables and honey juice in the restaurant in Triel-sur-Seine (Yvelines).
Emeric Baroux presents the veal breast confit with cider, accompanied by roasted vegetables and honey juice in the restaurant in Triel-sur-Seine (Yvelines). (© 78news)

Delight your guests, surprise them and allow them to (re) discover flavors. These are the multiple objectives of the new owner of the restaurant in Triello, le Saint martin, Emeric Baroux. native of Verneuil-sur-Seine, the 31-year-old chef has always loved “exploring new flavors. I am curious in general. The restoration offers its discovery panel . And that’s what he promises to his customers, changing the menu every week.

“There is no set menu. Some dishes may come back, but what I want is to offer diversity and novelty. It also means giving more choice to people who come regularly. It is also a way to have fun in my preparation and presentation work. “

Emeric BarouxCook

Meat, vegetables and fish “cooked at home, adapting to the seasons and baked, at low temperatures or poached. In my house there is no fryer, freezer or freezer ”.

His dishes every week

On the table, gourmets will find three appetizers, three main courses and three desserts, to be enjoyed as a set menu, “revisiting traditional French cuisine”. For the opening, Emeric Baroux had, among other things, bet on a breast of veal confit in cider. “It is not an association that you find everywhere. »And whoever says tradition, says classic« like foie gras, necessarily à la carte ». The chef, who makes himself ice creams and sorbets, also proposes to update some vegetables, such as fennel, Jerusalem artichoke, black radishes or very soon asparagus. To accompany his dishes, available on request for vegetarians, Emeric Baroux interprets the local menu, offering beers from Triello Le Cacaotés Brewery and after having resorted to theVernoliana Association of Oenology to define its wine list.

“Eventually I would like to develop more partnerships with local artisans and horticulturists. “

Emeric Baroux

Be free to create

The young chef sharpened his knives just after high school. After a Scientific Baccalaureate, obtained in Poissy, obtained the CAP from Ferrandi. “I did my apprenticeship Villennes Gardens, alongside Marc Renaud, between 2008 and 2009 ”. After graduation, she climbed the charts in the kitchen. “I wanted to work, that’s what I liked. Creative, Emeric worked for four years in the brigade of star chef Christophe Hay, where he went from clerk to chef de partie. In 2014 the Yvelinois decided to leave the kitchens to express his creativity around cinema, his other passion with writing and moved to Brittany, where he resumed his studies. His artistic soul reminds him of his culinary foundations. He stayed four and a half years in Rennes, where between Relais-Logis and a traditional cuisine bistro, he became second in the kitchen. Wishing to return to his native lands and feeling the desire to “be free to create”, he took the opportunity to continue to give life to Saint-Martin.

Elodie Taillade

Information. : 2, rue Galande. Such. : 01 39 70 32 00. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:30 to 21:30 (22:30 on Fridays and Saturdays). Closed on Sunday and Monday.

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