Training Gastrostomy care and enteral nutrition


This CPD training in gastrostomy care and enteral nutrition in e-learning is intended for IDELs (liberal nurses) who issue an official certificate. This 7-hour training is entirely on video, to be followed from home and at your own pace. Whenever you want. In complete relaxation.

Presentation of CPD training Gastrostomy care and enteral nutrition

This CPD action is concerned with the care, monitoring and implementation of enteral nutrition in people with gastric tubes or stoma feeding (gastrostomy or jejunostomy). Ostomy care requires some in-depth skills. On a daily basis, nurses face many complications such as skin damage, obstruction of the probes … Furthermore, every year, medical devices evolve, as well as treatment techniques. The administration of drugs, the composition of enteral nutrition, skin monitoring and the risk of obstruction require specific knowledge, life skills and know-how. This training takes into account your needs for local gastrostomy care. More than a standard medication, this DPC action also integrates therapeutic education in all its dimensions: psychological, cultural and social of the patient and caregivers The role of food and the digestive process will be addressed on all existing devices: nasogastric probe or duodenal, jejunostomy, gastrostomy or gastrostomy. This action of the DPC will highlight the central role of private nurses and the consequent multidisciplinary coordination in a safe and quality care path.

CPD Training Goals Gastrostomy Care and Enteral Nutrition

  • Know the physiopathological basis of the digestive system
  • Understanding the mechanism of nutrition and malnutrition
  • Update your knowledge of different care materials and recognize different types of gastrostomies
  • Identify the different types of approaches in enteral nutrition and the appropriate equipment
  • Know the skin complications, obstruction, their monitoring, act according to the recommendations of good practices
  • Master good treatment delivery practices to avoid obstruction
  • Apply good practices and recommendations for the care of gastrostomy, jejunostomy, gastrostomy buttons, nasogastric or duodenal tube
  • Know the medical devices that can be prescribed by the nurse
  • Learn about the different types of enteral nutrition and their particularities
  • Develop a family and patient educational approach to enteral nutrition
  • Be relevant during nursing education actions in order to preserve patient autonomy and compliance
  • Understand and optimize the coordination of the personalized care path
  • Analyze existing practices through clinical situations

Audience affected by CPD training

Liberal IDEL nurses

DPC Training Duration Gastrostomy Care and Enteral Nutrition

7 hours in E-learning
Follow the training at your own pace from home, connecting at any time and without limits!

Cost of CPD training

Free: You pay nothing, the training is 100% supported by the DPC. And you will receive bonus compensation!

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