Top Chef: Why did Omar Sy make an appearance on the M6 ​​show?


As the last five nominees battled for their place in the quarter-finals in Top Chef, Omar Sy made an appearance!

Competition is intensifying more and more Top Chef. In the issue of this May 18, 2022, the last five candidates gave everything to qualify for the quarter-finals. But without counting on the appearance of Omar Sy, just to increase the pressure. MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

Top Chef: the doors to the quarter-finals

This May 18, 2022 in Top Chef, the latest contenders had to redouble their efforts to secure a spot in the quarter-finals. There were only five : Pascal, Sébastien, Louise, Arnaud and Mickaël. But there were only four places for the quarter-finals. All with increasingly demanding chefs.

At the end of the tests, it is Mickael who bowed in front of the other candidates. A departure that shocked the chief Etchebest.Yes, I fall from above, necessarily. You are a good guy, as well as being a great cook. The kitchen is always in the image of those who make it. And you actually cooked. Because it was you, he has declared.

Also, the fact that Louise is still in Top Chef divided netizens. “Louise just stole Michael’s seat, I’m about to break my TV, it’s a scandal” a user tweeted. “We lose Mickaël, but we still have to fight with Louise I’m living a daydream “, another said.

It is in this climate of tension thatOmar Sy made an appearance on the show of M6. Indeed this episode of Top Chef took place in Plaza Athénée, a building where Jean Imbert is the director of the kitchens. The latter is a friend of the actorUntouchable. MCE TV tells you more!

Omar Sy in the show M6

Jean Imbert, known as the winner of the third season of Top Chef hid some information about him from his audience. Indeed, in addition to being head chef of Plaza Athénéeit would seem who is a friend of a certain Omar Sy.

In fact, while the episode of Top Chef of May 18, 2022 was happening in the restaurant where Jean Imbert works, Omar Sy made an appearance at the beginning of the program. He praised the merits of his friend as well as its cuisine!

“Jean’s tables are just good memories. Makes beautiful gourmet gatherings. It is already very beautiful visually and also has a good atmosphere in the mouth “, he has declared.

But it didn’t stop there! “Here’s where Jean is strong, there’s an old-school side to something we know, but super modern at the same time. She confuses you all the time, she is the exception. The stars are a logical continuation in relation to her journey and in relation to who she is. Everyone knows, the boy cooks really well “, concluded the 44-year-old actor.

It remains to be seen what the production of the M6 ​​has in store for the continuation and the end of Top Chef. Either way, it promises heavy!

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