Top Chef: top chef Heston Blumenthal is back on stage!


Following his stint in Season 12, British Chef Heston Blumenthal will make his return as Top Chef.

This Thursday, April 21, Top Chef fans will find a famous chef. English chef Heston Blumenthal, in fact, will return in the thirteenth season of the M6 ​​show. He finds out what he will ask of the candidates.

Those who are gone

Heston Blumenthal, on the other hand, will not be able to judge everyone. In fact, as you can imagine, many candidates have been eliminated since the beginning of the program. But who are the last two?

During the latest Top Chef shows, these are Wilfried et Sébastien who took the door of the famous mouth-watering program. There aren’t many left who aspire to win the show this year.

The last to date remains Sébastien despite everything. But earlier in the season, Lilian was also packing her bags after an elimination. He also talked about it. Obviously disappointed with his release, he gave some details on Instagram.

But unlike the others, it’s not because his recipes didn’t convince the jury. Indeed, if Lilian was gone, it was for personal reasons. In any case, this is what she said on social media about her a few days ago.

“Hello sweets! As you will have seen in tonight’s episode, I left the Top Chef competition for personal reasons “. First announced the Top Chef nominee. This, continuing:

“But don’t worry, everything is fine today. I really wanted to thank you for the kindness, the kindness you had towards me. She made me extremely happy. I just want to give you lots of kisses. See you very soon”.

Top Chef: top chef Heston Blumenthal is back on stage!
Top Chef: top chef Heston Blumenthal is back on stage!

The return of Heston Blumenthal in Top Chef

However, if you’ve clicked on this article, it mainly remains to know more about Heston Blumenthal’s return. Because yes, as we let you know, the famous English chef, after the passage of him in season 12, is back for 13.

So what will your role be for this edition of Top Chef? Exactly, our colleagues from the Journal des femmes gave the answer to this. The media indicated what he would ask the remaining candidates for this new season.

“This Thursday, April 21, Heston Blumenthal will ask candidates to impress him. With a single potato. A seemingly simple test. But who could give young chefs still in the running a hard time?. The media did not stop there and specified:

The British is in fact an expert in the sector, known above all for having imagined a triple cooking to obtain perfect french fries. Candidates who do not qualify during this test will have to take up the challenge of Gilles Goujon. But he also faces Lilian and Thibaut. Who will come back to try to re-enter the race “.

The big news to note is therefore the return of Lilian and Thibaut. We recall that the first was released for personal reasons. The production therefore wanted to give him a chance as he could have gone through with it if he hadn’t had any private concerns.

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