Top Chef: Mickaël Braure very bitter after his elimination!


This Wednesday, Mickaël Braure left the Top Chef adventure. The little treasure of Internet users has therefore returned to this elimination.

It’s official, Mickaël Braure has left Top Chef. In addition, the candidate has decided to return to his adventure. MCE TV tells you everything, from A to Z!

Top Chef: Eliminations no longer stop

This year the Top Chef candidates compete in an explosive competition. Indeed, the tests seem more and more complicated and the jury expects a great technique from them. In short, chefs have no room for error. Thus, the latter redouble their efforts and let their creativity do the talking.

Yet, every week, a candidate is forced to leave the game. After a last chance test, the leaders give their decision and one candidate is eliminated forever. And yes, it’s Top Chef’s tough law!

Furthermore, for some, the decision seems difficult to accept. This is the case, for example, of Lilian, who did not hesitate to reconsider her elimination. Indeed, the candidate admitted that he saw himself go far in the game. So she didn’t expect to leave so quickly.

While this elimination has affected the other candidates a lot, the game really needs to continue. Indeed, this Wednesday, May 18, the competition took place once again on the M6. And to everyone’s surprise, it was finally Mickaël Braure who left the adventure Top Chef.

Furthermore, Mickaël Braure wanted to return to his career in Top Chef. More, did not forget to mention its elimination. MCE TV tells you more!

Mickaël Braure thinks about his departure

This Wednesday, May 18, Top Chef viewers were able to do so discover an explosive episode. In reality, nothing went as planned. Even though Louise started the race very badly, she managed to do it qualify for the quarter-finals.

For his part, Mickaël Braure had to face Sébastien proof of the last chance. And after long discussions, it was finally Philippe Etchebest’s protégé who left the adventure. For internet users, it’s a cold shower. The latter, in fact, seemed very appreciated.

The candidate is then returned to his elimination for our colleagues from TV magazine. In fact, she confessed: “I was obviously disappointed. Too bad to leave the competition at the gates of the quarter-finals but finishing in fifth place is not bad anyway. I am satisfied with the result and with what I have done. “

The Top Chef nominee also confided that the chefs were disappointed with his departure. He stated: They seemed disappointed and surprised that I was leaving so quickly because they saw me go to the final. I did the bullshit to offer vintage as a last resort! I should never have done that, but rather bring an additional technique. In the north, raw salted meadow lamb is prepared with seaweed. I caught fire but I should have thought about it before … “

But don’t panic, Mickaël Braure explained that he has no regrets. Furthermore, he also admitted that he was very surprised by his performance : ” Despite I had a good run, I wasn’t as sure of myself as it might seem. “

One thing is certain, Top Chef’s adventure did not end by surprising viewers. Continues.

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