Top Chef: French fries, citrus, pouting and laziness


An episode full of surprises this week. The candidates who left have returned. Arnaud, usually always positive and happy, chapped. And we’ve learned that it takes three cooking times to have good fries.

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If there’s one thing we’re not joking about, it’s French fries. In other words, we took out a notebook and a pen to jot down the recipe shared by a world-renowned chef, a real ” genius “, According to Glenn Viel … And there, amazement! Perfect cooking, crushed inside, crunchy outside, would not be double, but triple: first in water (yes, in water), then after a period of rest, bath in oil at 130 degrees, until the skin turns brown clear. And final firing at 180-190. Who teaches us this lesson? Not a star of Belgian cuisine, as you might think, but British chef Heston Blumenthal.

In front of him, more candidates than at the end of the previous episode: Thibault, eliminated, and Lilian, released for personal reasons last week, are in fact back. It is up to them to take back their place in the brigade during this first test: surprise chef Blumenthal with a potato.

A tailor-made challenge for our regional candidates: ” The potato, in the North, there is only that “, He laughs over to Mickaël. Who, with Pascal, throws himself into a purée of fries, already tried with his son, skewer and potato pancakes. Their dish will be chosen by chef Blumenthal, just like Lilian’s, who suddenly returns to Paul Pairet’s brigade.

Will and Sébastien’s fudge potatoes in shell juice did not convince much. Also the American mashed potatoes presented in potato crust by the Belgian Arnaud and Lucie. The duo, which until then seemed in total osmosis, also focused on the choice of the recipe and Lucie, whose volcano of mashed potatoes with sauce had not convinced Glenn Viel, embarked on a beautiful exercise in pouting.

Complicated week for Arnaud

Sure, this week will have been tough for Arnaud. In the second test, on citrus fruits, for which the candidates were supported by chef Gilles Goujon, he offered … a lemon pie. ” Frank tastes “, he argues. Maybe, but a bit classic, right? In this playoff will that be enough? Arnaud, who felt lost since the beginning of the race, collapses. leaving us to fear the worst for the tasting …

This was done blindly, by the chefs, except Philippe Etchebest who already has his own brigade. Each candidate after making the headlines, the cards are completely reshuffled. Louise remains in Hélène Darroze’s brigade, Wilfried with Paul Pairet, Sébastien with Glenn Viel, just like Arnaud. Thibaut becomes a lone candidate. At the end of the suspense, it is therefore Lucie who leaves the adventure …

As for Chef Pascal Barbot, we know he will be returning to Chef Darroze (absent for personal reasons) upon his return. But we would still have seen him join the team of chefs …

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