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After several decades, Cyril Lignac has not said his last word. He too challenges the new generations of chefs!

Cyril Lignac, more innovative than ever

Since his arrival on the M6, Cyril Lignac has never been unfaithful to him. Certainly there were some misunderstandings in relation to the shooting of Everything in the kitchen. Since he was launched in the emergency of the first confinement, the technical teams have had to run over his apartment. And when you want to preserve a minimum of * ntim * ty, it’s not easy to manage. At the end of May, Mercotte’s colleague commits himself to this new concept. The Academy of the Cake welcomes its first 24 students. More than a competition, it is a real training sponsored by M6. Lovers of “gourmet and crunchy” flavors will not be the only ones to accompany them. First of all, Objeko welcomes the presence of Ophélie Barès, who has ten years of experience in a luxury hotel to his credit. As for Desty Brami, she is the executive chef of a pastry school. This trio will compete with ingenuity to awaken our taste buds, of course.

What good people!

Moving from theory to practice is never easy. Between challenges and learning, the attendees of Cyril Lignac’s new show will have to hold out. And because happiness never comes by itself, dear readerObjeko, know that you will live this adventure as if you too were immersed in the greatest places of French gastronomy. For example, theLenôtre Institute of Culinary Arts opens its doors to the public for the first time.

Screenshot (c) Cyril Lignac’s cake academy (c) M6

To top it off with this delicious cake, many prestigious guests will come to visit the nominees. What’s better than asking Pierre Hermé, Sébastien Vauxion or Philippe Conticini for advice? Of course, we had the opportunity to see some with Cyril Lignac and Mercotte The best pastry chef. During the latter, they noticed the performance of the participants. This time, they will reveal all their secrets and tricks without being asked!

A two-stage competition

Screenshot (c) Cyril Lignac’s cake academy (c) M6

Thanks to our colleagues from puremedias, we learn that the show will take place every Friday. It will be divided into two cycles. During the first, the gain is double. On the one hand, one of them can win the title of ” best of the week“, But he will also be able to put into practice what he learned during a” Internship“. When you know the number of resumes coming up, you think it’s good to be on top of the pile. On the other hand, as always, the two worst in the ranking will have to suffer the consequences. In a test imagined by Cyril Lignac and whose contents have been kept secret until the last minute, they will have to compete to hope to continue this extraordinary adventure. In short, at least three students will have to pack their bags after seven days. Ouch, it stings …

Screenshot (c) Cyril Lignac’s cake academy (c) M6

When only half are left, there will only be six per team. Thus began the second phase of Cyril Lignac’s program. baptized ” development“, They will do everything to reach the last dubbed” professionalization! Although we used to devour the seasons of Top Chef, it is difficult to imagine how the final will play out. For the moment, the only clue we have had access to is that it will organize itself in ” the conditions of reality“.

What does Cyril Lignac have in store for the winner?

Obviously they will have to make cakes of different sizes. For the greedy or bird-billed, it looks promising. The winner, in addition to having a check for 10,000 euros in his / her bank account, will obtain a pastry zip code necessary for the continuation of his / her career. And what better reward than having the opportunity to work in one of Cyril Lignac’s factories? Currently the chef has 6 of which one in the south of France, in Saint-Tropez. We can’t wait to discover the pictures and encourage our favorites. If we have information about them or the evidence, Objeko keep us updated, promised!

Thanks to our colleagues at Pure media

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