This hot drink helps fight fat


Anyone who is not a morning person and still has to deal with traffic jams or the subway at rush hour knows it well, there is nothing like a good coffee to keep you awake and give you a good boost. Ditto after lunch when all you dream of is a nice nap, but you have to work on a prez until an endless day. In short, we already knew that coffee was our best ally in order not to sink in the event of a rudder, now we learn that it could also help us keep the line.

Coffee, an anti-fat ally

Consumed immediately after a meal, coffee it would have the particularity of capturing part of the fats absorbed by the body. It also has a natural diuretic effect which helps eliminate and purify the microbiome by increasing the production of stomach acids.

But beware, don’t go, under the pretext that it would have coffee anti-grease properties, abuse of. Yes, because drinking too much of it can be dangerous to health (insomnia, agitation, tremors, gastric reflux, etc.). But also because its diuretic effects could cause quite compromising gastric problems.

To take advantage of the anti-fat properties of coffee, you will need to follow some rules. We stop you immediately, unfortunately the effect does not work with caramel macchiato and other frappuccini, even if you add a glass of pure coffee. No, no secret, because its lipolytic action is effective it must be consumed, not only immediately after a meal, but also pure, that is, drinking coffee without milk or sugar. You have been warned!

Caffeine, the favorite slimming ingredient in cosmetics

If coffee has interesting virtues in terms of weight loss when you drink it, know it caffeine it is also one of the leading active ingredients in cosmetics when it comes to slimming. For many years, in fact, scientists have demonstrated its formidable effectiveness when it comes to burning fat thanks to its lipolytic power, that is, the destocking of fats thanks to their combustion.

To find a slimming treatment that it is effective is simple, look at its composition and bet on a treatment containing 5% caffeine in the first ingredients on the list, or the maximum concentration authorized by the authorities. Say goodbye to orange peel!

Coffee, a food with many health benefits

If coffee were a slimming ally, consumed black and in reasonable quantities, it would have many other health benefits. In fact, scientists have shown that it can help reduce the risk of serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, liver disease and heart problems. “Coffee provides several bioactive substances such as phenolic compounds (cafestol and kahweol), alkaloids (caffeine and trigonellin), diterpenes and other metabolites that can help prevent diseaseExplains Dr. Lisa Andrews, the journal’s nutrition specialist Eat this, not that. So coffee is yes: but always in moderation!

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