Thierry Marx, starred chef


He is one of the greatest French chefs and the owner of many starred restaurants in France. The head chef Thierry Marx is a guest of Bixente Lizarazu in the “Planète Liza” program. It retraces his journey that allowed him to become a starred chef of reference in France.

A difficult and contentious childhood

Having grown up in the 20th arrondissement of Paris and the Parisian suburbs, Thierry Marx confides in her rather difficult and quarrelsome childhood.

At the age of 13 he dropped out of his school in the Bois-l’Abbé district of Champigny on the MarneThierry Marx as a teenager could have taken the wrong direction if he had followed some of his friends. If he admits we can “follow the first guru that passes“, Thierry Marx reveals what saved him: practice of judo among friends who he took very seriously. He dreamed of high-level fights.

In college, I don’t understand the system. Fortunately, the sports education framework will catch up with me.

At the microphone of Bixente Lizarazu, the guest enjoys talking about his passion for martial arts in general who has followed him since childhood, thanks to the Judo club of Champigny-sur-Marne with four friends. He also joined the Compagnons du Devoir and was able to participate in a Tour de France as an apprentice pastry chef. The guest has his say passing through the armya path that attracted him, but which did not end well: “I fell apart“. Before embarking on the adventure, he was told:” If you want to see the country, get involved. “

I really liked the brotherhood of arms.

After passing through the army, Thierry Marx took your flight abroad : is looking for his way. It was in Sydney, Australia that he became a pastry chef. While he does it “just loaves“, he is offered to work in the banquet service.”Being French, you must necessarily know the cuisine“, he was told. The guest now laughs:”It was completely nonsense.

Back in France, he wants to get the CAP diplomabut a boss tells him it’s useless: “You have to work with a big name in the kitchen.

On a Tour of Francethe future chef had the opportunity to have lunch with the renowned Bernard Loiseau. A personality that inspired the young Thierry: “If I have to do this job, I have to do it like him.“This lunch served as a springboard for him to get a job as a kitchen assistant, but not in the way one might expect. In a Parisian restaurant where Thierry Marx is a candidate, the latter replies that he is on his way.”by Bernard Loiseau“when asked where he came from. No one could have guessed that he came out of a lunch and not the kitchens. That’s enough for the apprentice to start the next day.

Many starred restaurants managed “in conscience”

Today Thierry Marx runs many starred restaurants. It will open next May new restaurant“Madame Brasserie” on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The cook defends a management of his restaurants “in conscience“, in particular on the ecological issues et social.

I always try to grow my business, but I do it with a lot of awareness.

Bixente’s host, Lizarazu, is also one of the pioneers of molecular gastronomyhe was particularly involved in the creation of the astronaut’s plates Thomas Pesquet when he lived on the International Space Station.

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