These foods not to give to your cat

There is a reason why cats eat pate and croquettes. Human foods are not suitable for their fragile little stomachs. Then, be careful before giving anything to your cat: even if he asks for these foods, they can cause him many health problems.

Drinks not to give to your cat

Everyone has childhood memories of the film The Aristocats, in which the Duchess and her kittens drink milk. But in reality this drink is not at all suitable for your little feline, who just needs to drink water to be well. Here are the liquids to keep it from being consumed:

Once weaned, your cat no longer needs milk, contrary to what movies and cartoons show us. Yes, your cat is begging you for it, but the lactose in milk and dairy products can cause your cat to ingest it. Not very pleasant for him!

Do we really have to specify it? Alcohol is not good for your pet. If humans choose to ingest it despite its negative health effects, avoid inflicting it on your cat, who hasn’t asked for it.

Poisonous food for your cat

The benefits of chocolate no longer need to be proven … on humans! This food is to be avoided for your cat, because impossible to digest due to the theobromine contained in this food. This could affect your pet’s nervous system and even his little heart.

A little sore at the edges, is your cat asking you about this avocado toast you just made? The persin in avocado can also damage your pet’s heart and lungs.

This food is simply poisonous to your cat and will send him straight to the hospital. Refuse him this piece of leek, for his welfare.

  • raw onion and garlic

These foods can cause vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and anemia in your cat.

  • tomatoes and cherry tomatoes

These contain atropine, which is as bad for your cat as it can cause heart problems in your pet.

This time, it is avidin who is in question. This can alter your cat’s protein and fat by damaging it vitamin B8a key element of metabolism of your pet.

Potatoes eaten raw can damage theyour cat’s urinary tract.

In particular that of poultry, due to the numerous bacteria, destroyed only during the cooking of this meat, or even of cured meats, which damages the pancreas of felines.

Again, pits and seeds are real poison to your pet and can, as a bonus, risk suffocating it.

Foods to avoid for your cat

In addition to foods that are toxic to your cat, there are foods that can make him sick and vomit if eaten too often.

Especially canned, because these preserves contain too much salt, which is bad for your beloved pet’s kidneys!

Same problem here, marinated herring fillets contain too much salt and can upset your cat’s digestive system.

Your cat’s diet is critical to her health. If he eats poorly, it could be a sign that you have a depressed or depressed cat. So, in case of loss of appetite, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian.

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