The restaurant of the starred chef Julien Médard, in Boulleret, changes its name


It is a new step in Julien Médard’s gastronomic adventure. From now on, the restaurant of the Michelin-starred chef from Boulleret has a new name. At the corner of Place des Tilleuls, in the heart of the city, on the facade of the factory, the sign of the Ardoise du marché has given way to that of the Maison Médard.

Julien Médard, from the restaurant l’Ardoise du Marché, in Boulleret, wins a star in the Michelin Guide

“The term ‘Home’ underlines the notion of hospitality”

Unveiled on Monday evening during an inauguration ceremony by the chef and his wife Delphine, who works with him in the dining room, the new identity was designed to highlight the values ​​of the restaurant, the only one in Cher to now have a star in the Michelin guide, awarded in 2021 and confirmed last March. “We wanted something that suited us,” says Julien Médard. L’Ardoise du marché was a name that sounded more like a bistro than a gastronomic place. The term “Maison” also underlines the concept of hospitality: it is very familiar to us. You can do gastronomy avoiding it being stuffy. We are here to share. Above all, we value sincerity and authenticity. “

Maison Médard also carries a subtitle, posted near the front door, “Sustainable gastronomy in Berry”. He too is there to underline the philosophy of the places, whose menu is based on the seasons and short circuits. “We are committed to putting our region in the foreground, to bringing local products into a gastronomic dish, to making them noble”, assures the chef. What we are looking for above all is the good, the well done, the reasoned. »A” virtuous “approach that is found in all stages of the preparation of the dishes. “In the kitchen we reuse as many things as possible”, explains the chef. With what is usually thrown away, we can do something very good! For us it is a total commitment. This is also true for the materials we use, for energy, for water … “

On the way to a green star?

The chef’s “sustainable” approach was recently awarded. Last January the starred plant in Boulleret was awarded two “ecotables”. With this label, the Écotable association “supports the catering sector in its ecological transition and promotes committed restaurants”.

Having retained his Michelin star, chef Julien Médard is expected to leave Boulleret for a new project in Verdigny

For the 37-year-old chef, master restaurateur, “every day is a challenge”, he smiles. He is developing a project for a gourmet hotel-restaurant in Verdigny. And he thinks of another Michelin first, the green star. According to the gastronomic guide, he rewards “chefs who are responsible for their ethical and environmental standards”. It would be a new consecration for the chef and his wife, whose home is guided, they say, by “respect for nature and the living”.

Vincenzo Michele

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