The five favorite cuvées of Florent Pietravalle, starred chef of La Mirande, in Avignon


It is with a mixture of sweetness and shyness that Florent Pietravalle, young starred chef of La Mirande, legendary 5-star of the City of Popes, welcomes us in the sumptuous central hall of the restaurant, to tell us about his itinerary in a world of wine that was unknown to him. . If he does not define himself as a fine connoisseur, we recognize in him the touching enthusiasm of true enthusiasts, more eager for encounters and emotions than labels and big names. “I really work on meetings, I don’t have a priori: Laura Aillaud, Théophile Milan, many winemakers who have touched me with their authenticity“. In a world of gastronomy where the race for the star sometimes gives the strange sensation of witnessing the rehearsals of a show that will never take place, Florent Pietravalle indulges in a deliberately divisive cuisine, which combines bold flavors and textures, cultivating a distinct taste for experimentation, even voluntary ignorance: “I remember Olivier Subblet and his Camargue rice wine. He didn’t want to figure out how to make sake so that he could make it freely“. And it is this freedom that we find in each of the dishes, punctuated here and there by some formal borrowings by Pierre Gagnaire on the satellite side, but singular everywhere.”I like that chords come to counterbalance, to break, to take a plate further. My cuisine is complex, so I have to give it meaning, make it accessible without ever being elitist“. From Alsace to Corsica passing through the Rhone Valley and Provence, he gives us his five favorite cuvées of the moment, not without ending with a pinch of malice:”And if I had had to squeeze in a champagne, I would have chosen Telmont …

Domain of the dreamer – The craftsman 2019
Price: € 20.60

A maceration of pinot grigio and gewurztraminer vinified by Mathieu Deiss and the sister of Théophile Milan – emblematic winemaker of “natural” Provence. A cuvée with an intense ripe apricot robe, with passion fruit aromas that persist on the palate as surprisingly round as it is sharp. “I refuse to put exotic fruits in my kitchen, and this wine brings something in the dishes that I could not find in the region, this flavor of fruit picked from the tree“. The ideal pairing: prawns with citrus fruits.

Available online at Vinsatori

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Domaine Coste Caseronne – Le Suleone 2017
Price: 24 €

A surprising blend of Chardonnay, Chenin and Muscat d’Alexandrie vinified as Dame Jeanne in the middle of the rows. “The sun gives it a soft and oxidative side, with notes of hay and nuts, while maintaining freshness and salinity.“. The ideal pairing: goat cheese, with cumin water and white strawberries.

Available online on costecaserone

Domaine des Chancel – White n ° 1
Price: € 13.90

A blend of Bourboulenc and Ugni Blanc, from vines planted at the foot of Mont Ventoux. On the nose it is difficult to guess that it is a southern wine, with aromas of citrus and nectarine, then on the palate an insolent freshness, notes of white fruits, and a balance between acidity and softness almost reminiscent of Burgundy. The ideal pairing: oysters with white butter sauce and XO sauce, one of the chef’s signature appetizers.

Available online at 1envie1vin

Passing domain – Pouperlo 2019
Rhone Valley
Price: € 19.90

A 100% Syrah from the Rhône Valley, on the nose of garrigue and spices, with a “something powerful, animal“. A wine destined to last for a sumptuous period. The ideal pairing: a piece of seasoned beef.

Available online on petitecave

Château des Tours – Côtes-du-Rhône 2017
Rhone Valley
Price: 144 €

A perfect blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah with delicate notes of licorice, this cuvée from the legendary Emmanuel Reynaud is the one the chef chooses when he speaksto friends who do not know wine. It is a wine that conveys the concept of an aromatic signature“. The ideal match:Drinking!

Available online at Vinsetmillésimes

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