The end of the race of a Camorra man who became a chef


In the kitchen of the Italian restaurant of the Le Touring hotel, an elegant 5-star hotel overlooking the port of Saint-Raphaël (Var), the Neapolitan chef Nunzio Palumbo enjoys growing fame until the police knock on the door of his apartment, May 3 at 5 am The cook first smiled at the French officers, before turning pale at the sight of the three Italian riflemen stationed on the landing. “I understand, it’s over”stammers the 56-year-old man, offering his wrists to the handcuffs.

Thus ended the culinary career of chef Palumbo, whose signature dish, the tasty “Luciana” octopus (with tomatoes, olives and capers), hung his memories of the Gulf of Naples. Twenty years ago, he had led a completely different existence there. The cook then handled many different tools every day: it was with a pistol in his pocket that Antonio Cuozzo Nasti – his real name – wandered around the northern outskirts of the city, a stronghold of the powerful mafia clan Mallardo who used his services.

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“Antonio Cuozzo Nasti was part of the” fire group ” (focus group) Mallard, over there World an Italian judicial source. It was a dangerous element, a threat, responsible in particular for extortion, one of the specialties of this Camorra clan, like fraudulent infiltration into public markets and money laundering. “ On 11 June 2012, the Neapolitan was not arrested for mafia association, but for robbery. Accompanied by four accomplices, he kidnapped the agency of the Monte dei Paschi bank in Cercola, south of Naples, before being taken by the carabinieri at the end of a chase across the fields, leaving the fugitive Rottweiler as the only victim.

Tracking is easy

Sentenced to sixteen years in prison for theft, concealment, possession of an illegal weapon and violation of a special surveillance measure, the “dangerous element” benefits from alternative prison conditions to prison. He will have to serve his sentence in a shelter for drug addicts. After two years of confinement in this community with very strict rules, he chose to flee. Cuozzo Nasti leaves his wife, children, criminal life and a residual sentence of almost six years in prison in Naples.

“Since that day his track has been lost, but we know that he travels to various European countries, Germany, the United Kingdom … says Andrea Coratza, captain of the carabinieri of Giugliano di Campania, in charge of hunting. We have always kept a listening device, which allowed us to locate him in France, where he had lived for four years. But we needed the cooperation of the local police to get our hands on us. “ From a French judicial source, the fugitive had been blocked for false documents in 2019 by the air and border police, without his file being exploited by the transalpine investigators in charge of spinning.

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