The Andeli. Students from Jean-Moulin High School met with Papuan leader Mundiya Kepanga


After watching the documentary, the students of the Lycée des Andelys (Eure) discussed with the Papuan chef (front row on the right)
After watching the documentary, the students of the Lycée des Andelys (Eure) discussed with the Papuan chef (front row on the right) (© Impartial)

“Beech or not beech”! For several decades, forests have become places of greed that mourn their dead with endless pain.

13 million hectares forests are disappearing every year under the direct pressure of man and global warming.

Home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, forests are vital to the balance of ecosystems, as they are to human societies that have benefited from their resources for millennia.

Source of income and / or means of subsistence, the forest is also a place of life for many indigenous peoples who are now waging a huge struggle to save the lungs of our planet.

A forestry project

This year, the Jean-Moulin des Andeli (Eure) wanted to participate in its own way by leading a cultural project entitled “Our forests”.

In collaboration with the Festival “Le AnthropoScenes”. organized by the Tangram ofEvreuxthis project was carried out as part of the twinning of residences financed by the DRAC (Regional Department of Cultural Affairs).

Four classes of the vocational school participated: 2nd AGORA, 2nd MVA, 2nd TCI and 1st CAR.

Video: currently on Actu

In October, high school students were informed about the life of trees with Myriam and Claudie Baran by the association “Les Coulisses de la Nature”.

In 2022 they participated in various artistic paths with an author and various artists on the themes of trees and the forest: writing, dance, plastic arts, reading aloud and video workshops.

Screening of “The brothers of the tree”

It is as part of this project that the establishment welcomed the Papuan chief of the Huli tribe, Mundiya Kepangawho came to present “Tree Brothers”.

This documentary film denounces the deforestation of primary forests in Papua New Guinea. When he appeared in front of the high school students on Thursday morning, he began by saying:

Sorry, I don’t have a microphone, so I’ll speak out loud. I am small, but I ask you to respect me by keeping silent. This is how it works at home in Papua New Guinea. The tall coconut tree next to me is a Frenchman who was your age when he came to our house to have a relationship.

Mundiya KepangaPapuan chief

“150 trees have fallen”

This is Marc Dozier, photojournalist, documentary maker and director, who also plays the role of interpreter.

After a short introduction, the students watched the film for about 50 minutes, then asked their questions to Mundiya Kepanga who said: “While you were watching this film, 150 trees fell”.

After having answered all the questions, adding some life lessons, it is time to go out and plant three peach trees in the school gardens in the presence of several local elected representatives, including Frédéric Duché, the mayor and Christian Leprovost, vice-president of Seine Normandie Agglomeration responsible for ecology.

One of the strongest beliefs of the “little chef”, as he likes to define himself, is surely: “when all the trees have disappeared, men will disappear in their turn”.

Following the screening of
After the screening of “Tree Brothers”, three peach trees were planted in the schoolyard under the watchful eye of Mundiya Kepanga and Marc Dozier. (© Impartial)

On the Évreux festival

The next day, students and teachers from the project went to Évreux for the inauguration of the “AnthropoScènes” festival.

They set up their exhibition there, watched a documentary film about melting ice in Scandinavia “Jon face aux vents”, then presented their productions at the end of the afternoon.

About 90 students were informed of the importance of preserving our planet by simultaneously acting on several levers to avoid reaching the point of no return.

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