The all-chocolate weekend at Maintenon Castle is extended to Easter Monday


“It’s really too good,” mumbles Inès, 9 and a half, her mouth full of chocolate. For the Easter weekend, which is already well under way, the Maintenon castle, with the help of the departmental council, paid homage to the star product of the moment, chocolate.

Many visitors this Sunday April 17 wanted to take advantage of it. “The entrances are constant, it’s always full! Inevitably such an event, play a lot,” explains the castle team. By 2.30pm the site had already registered nearly 600 entries.

Culture on the menu for the Easter holidays in Chartres

All gourmets were invited to discover the history of cocoa, its origins, its secrets and its arrival in France and at court. The panels of the exhibition, running from last Tuesday until May 1, were “borrowed from the chocolate museum in Paris”, explain the organizers.

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A little extra for the Easter weekend, a chocolate tasting workshop by Michel Benoist, chocolate confectioner, former stationmaster of Gaston Lenôtre, who came for the occasion from Niort, in Deux-Sèvres. “Madame de Maintenon was born in Niort, so she was our way of winking. This is the first time that the young retiree has participated in this type of event and it is sold out. “We came a little blind. We brought with us from 50 to 60 kg of chocolate “. On the first day of this weekend, “three quarters of broth” from the pastry chef-chocolatier were sold. “We only have about fifteen kilos left. “

Easter eggs, chickens, bunnies and chocolate bells await you

Hens, chicks, fish, dark, white or milk, chocolate comes in all shapes and for all tastes. To the delight of families. Marie and Jérôme, accompanied by their two boys, Théo and Nathan, aged 7 and 9, came to Yvelines especially for the event. For the family, “it was now or never. We have been wanting to visit the castle for a while, but we have never had the chance and children are often reluctant to make cultural visits. On this, the chocolate was the carrot. Concludes the visit in style. “

This Monday organize giant egg hunts in the castle gardens

For their part, Alain and Mina, were not aware of the animation around chocolate, but they leave the same with “chicks, one for each of our grandchildren. It’s nice to be able to support traders. Especially with the recent stories of contagion with industrial chocolates, it’s nice to be reassured with homemade ones. “

Ten chocolate (and candy-filled) songs to celebrate Easter

The long weekend isn’t over yet, as the traditional giant egg hunt, organized by the Friends of Maintenon Castle, takes place today at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm in the parks. Young and old are invited to the event. A delimited area will be reserved for the little ones, where a mysterious egg will be hidden that will allow those who find it to receive an extra treat. Each child can leave with up to five eggs. A participation of € 1 per person will be requested, the proceeds will be donated to the Maintenon schools.

Practice. This Monday, April 18, from 10:30 to 18:00. Prices between € 4.50 and € 8.50. Information on

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