nationwide deployment of the Malin program for disadvantaged families

According to this program, the child’s diet during the first 1000 days of his life determines his future health. A food aid program for children from disadvantaged families has been extended to all of France. One in five children is born each year in a family in a precarious situation. Deprived of access to a … Read more

in Strasbourg resident in the competition

Victor Clodi, one of 24 candidates for Cyril Lignac’s Cake Academy Credit: © Marie ETCHEGOYEN / M6 Excerpt from the interview with Victor Clodi, candidate for Cyril Lignac’s Cake Academy, to follow this Monday 23 May on M6. At the end of each week, one apprentice will be elected best student of the week while … Read more

Being covered in cake didn’t bother Toni Storm, because WWE had planned worse

Toni Storm revealed that WWE has more awkward plans than the cream pie she got from Charlotte Flair on SmackDown. WWE Toni Storm did not last long in SmackDown, the wrestler had decided on her own to leave WWE and has since found happiness in AEW. When Toni Storm suddenly left WWE, many put this … Read more

the Chief of Defense rules out any military coup

Sri Lanka’s senior defense official on Wednesday (11 May) ruled out a military coup, despite the country’s political standoff and the deployment of thousands of troops to maintain order after two days of deadly clashes. Read alsoSri Lanka on the brink A curfew is in place across the country and troops are patrolling the streets … Read more

Gourmet burgers at PNY in Strasbourg

The manager of the PNY restaurant in Strasbourg, Denis Reçi Credit: @TopMusic The PNY – Paris New York – brand, created in 2012 in Paris, opens its own 10And restaurant in Strasbourg, e plans to open 40 restaurants by 2027. PNY adopts an original and orderly architecture for each restaurant and favors local sectors in … Read more

The “Tanjia”, intangible cultural heritage

In fact, the “Tanjia”, which has been able to resist the new way of life and the galloping modernity, has always accompanied the influence of Marrakech and its notoriety as one of the most privileged international tourist destinations. This culinary heritage has thus aroused the admiration and curiosity of great chefs from all over the … Read more

Haiti: the interim chief of the national police announces a strengthening of the security devices in the Plaine du Cul-de-sac

By Marlyne Jean P-to-P, 09 May 2022 [AlterPresse] — The interim Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH), Frantz Elbé, intends to strengthen the safety devices, at the level of the Plaine du Cul-de-sac, to prevent the situation from degenerating in this area, in a press conference, this Monday 9 May 2022, which … Read more

Top Chef season 13 episode 12 ratings / TV / Top Chef / Episode 12 /

A fun test that could have been more and a boring test as expected – it’s kind of the rat of this episode that unveils the Final Six of the season. Test 1: Bagale Scholar Pascal, Louise, Wilfried and Arnaud will have to do a “Powerful Dining Experience” for Mike Bagale, an American chef who … Read more

Is Trump still the leader of the Republicans? Answer with the new election season

Eighteen months after leaving the White House, does Donald Trump still have the power to make and break US elections? The former president’s political influence will be tested in a series of Republican primaries throughout the month of May. A dozen US states, starting with Ohio on Tuesday, hold primaries during the month of May … Read more

Rare public appearance of the supreme leader for Eid

The supreme leader of Afghanistan gave a public speech on Sunday, only for the second time in six years, on the occasion of the feast of Eid al-Fitr, saying that the victory of the Taliban last August had allowed the country to regain freedom and security. . Read alsoJean Pierre Perrin:The failure in Afghanistan is … Read more