5 tips for surviving an office accident

The reasons for afternoon sleepiness in the office are manifold. Your lack of sleep can be explained in the first place by too short a night. But this sleepy state often results from digestion causing hypovigilance. In fact, the desire to sleep is caused by digestion. This he asks 5 to 10% daily energy expenditure. … Read more

Easter: the benefits of chocolate on mental and physical health, according to science

EASTER – This Easter Monday is not the time to skip the chocolate. Because stimulation of the brain and memory, or even the reduction of the risk of depression, are all phenomena that have been proven by scientific studies. In May 2016, in a study published in the journal, researchers from the universities of Adelaide, … Read more

Cargill inaugurates its high-tech “Maison du Chocolat” in Mouscron on May 31st

Of Giordano Kasier Journalist at Nord Eclair | Posted on 04/25/2022 at 4:27 pm The American company Cargill is investing heavily in the development of its site in Mouscron. An 18 million euro envelope was issued to create a “Maison du Chocolat” there. Despite a slight delay, this project will be inaugurated on May 31st. … Read more

François Lenglet tells you all about the chocolate economy

Whoever says Easter necessarily says chocolate. France is one of the countries in the world that consumes the most this delicious pasta: 7.3 kilos per year and per inhabitant, according to the Chocolate Union. This is 50% more than the European average, although we are still overtaken by the Germans and the Swiss. This passion … Read more