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For a salad rich in vitamins and tasty, we obviously focus on the fruits of the moment. Especially since the next summer period is full of fresh and sweet products, which you can taste. Between strawberries, peaches, melon, apricot, watermelon and plums, there is a lot to do. Not to mention that tomatoes, cucumbers and avocados, which also belong to the fruit family, easily fit into any dessert recipe.

How to update a fruit salad?

Fruit salad is often considered too simple, banal and does not make you dream. First, we could respond to the criticisms that it is this simplicity that makes its appeal. Then, that there are simple tips to improve this dessert, without taking the initiative.
A few chopped fresh herbs, such as mint, basil or verbena, are enough to flavor. Otherwise, accompany the salad with a scoop of sorbet or ice cream for even more freshness.
Finally, as a last option, serve the fruit with a slice of homemade brioche or French toast. It is very greedy, but in addition it is anti-waste!

What to do with leftover fruit salad?

The problem with fruit salad is that it doesn’t keep for long. The next day, most of the fruit has already softened. In this case, giving a new shape to your cake is often the solution to be adopted.

A smoothie or smoothie

How do we do it ?
Transfer the fruit to the bowl of a blender and blend until smooth. If you like, you can add yogurt, milk or a banana to thicken.

The recipe to try with a peach salad: a Peach and Elderberry Smoothie

Verrine expressed

How do we do it ?
Spoon biscuits, crumbled cakes or muesli into the bottom of the glass. Add a layer of fruit and whipped cream on top. Alternate the layers of fruit and cream until the verrine are completely filled.

The recipe to try with a red fruit salad: an espresso Triffle brownies and red fruits

A fruit cake

How do we do it ?
Cover a baked pie shell with custard, lay the fruit on top and you’re done. In the no-bake version, crumble the dry biscuits, such as speculoos, then mix them with the melted butter. Pack the preparation in a mold with a removable bottom or a circle of dough. Top with the whipped cream and the remaining fruit salad. Easy, isn’t it?

The only precaution, if your salad has refused a lot of juice, you must first drain the fruits, to prevent them from soaking the cake. On the other hand, it’s not about throwing out the juice! By heating it with a touch of agar-agar or jelly until it thickens, it will serve as a topping for the cake.

Recipes to try with a strawberry salad: an easy strawberry tart or an express, no-bake strawberry tart

Sweet spring rolls

How do we do it ?
As for the cake, drain the fruit if necessary, the juice will be used to dip the rolls in. Then drop 1 tbsp vertically. spoons of fruit on a sheet of wet rice. Fold the top and bottom of the leaf over the fruit, then gently fold the sides to form a small roll. Serve with fruit juice on the side.

The recipe to try with a salad of strawberries, avocado, kiwi, banana: Summer rolls with strawberries and exotic fruits

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