Sarthe. The restaurant, the only business in the town, has closed: the mayor sets the record straight


Prévelles thinks of a global project for his sole business and gives himself time to reflect.
Prévelles thinks of a global project for its only business, the restaurant, which has closed quickly since April 2022, and gives itself time. © Carine ROBINAULT

Le Theater restaurant closed in a hurry, on April 23, 2022to Prevelle (Sarthe). It had reopened in June 2021. The former manager of the premises had regretted a lack of support from the municipality. Saturday 14 May 2022 morning, Roland Marcotte, the mayor, set the record straight before the city council. “We had granted free rent until 1uh May 2022. And that of commercial leasing until the resumption of activity, that is June 2021. We have a list of four overdue rents, or 4000 euros ”, he afflicts. And to quote “the obligation to have the inventory recorded by a bailiff, which is very expensive for a small country.”

To win customer loyalty

A municipality that, according to him, «played by organizing a meal for the elderly with about thirty people», just like the inhabitants, «when at the beginning it was a question of take-away meals. If they didn’t come back, there was a reason. “

If he explains this lack of attendance, among other things, with “excessive prices” and too short opening hours, the city councilor, however, turns to the future of his single tradefor which the municipality has spent more than 300,000 euros of work. “A beautiful tool” which, according to him, must “build customer loyalty”.

Cafeteria, restaurant, post office, grocery store

And to help them, Roland Marcotte and his team turned to a consultant from the “rural municipalities”, in the person of Maurice Pollet. For him, above all, you have to take your time. The time “to calm down, to reflect”. At what? The strategy to be implemented for the institution. “It was a big loan for Prévelles, which two years ago was in a bit of trouble, bordering on protection”, even comments the consultant. And if today he assures us that “the finances are better”, he nevertheless invites caution.

He is drafting a new project, “a bar-restaurant system, with La Poste service”, but also “a grocery store that sells local products to be extended to digital. When we come on vacation, if we buy good products, we try to find them later ”, he is convinced.

“Define a global project”

The strong point of this activity is that it is located in the heart of the country, with parking and close to cultural axes such as the potters museum and the Transvap.

Maurice Pollet, consultant to the rural council of Prévelles

The man is certain, “we must define a global project. But for this you have to give yourself a few months, and find support, public or private collaborations ”.

Direct management? Lease lease. Restaurant application? Additional management budget? The tracks are launched. “If we do a municipal restaurant with a manager-worker cook of the community, with the resale of the fund after three years, this can allow a young person to settle down and benefit from the aid “.

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“Brick by brick”

The elected officials, who already have “an interested couple, in the sector”, a group of forty-year-olds who had already taken a look at the file in 2020 ″, allow themselves time for the summer to reflect. “We will decide at an upcoming board meeting, but probably at the beginning of the school year.” Because the stakes are high for the village, which intends to exploit the proverb that the world attracts the world …

We have an assignment to fill. A business inevitably attracts inhabitants. And if we have inhabitants, they will keep the business going.

Roland Marcotte, mayor of Prévelles

A dynamic that the chosen ones want to rebuild “brick by brick”. And which even evoke the return of “a market in the churchyard”.

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