Russian funding for conductor Teodor Currentzis’s orchestra is embarrassing


A few days after the cancellation of the concert it was to give in Vienna on April 12, the Philharmonie de Paris did the same: Teodor Currentzis would perform there on May 4. If the cancellation of the Paris show were due only to logistical and organizational problems, that of Vienna would have been justified by the fact that the musicAeterna line-up is financed by a bank close to the Russian power and that its music director did not take a stand against the Russian intervention in Ukraine.

The Russian musicAeterna orchestra is supported by the 2And Russian bank

On May 4, the Philharmonie de Paris had scheduled a concert dedicated to the works of Jean-Philippe Rameau, performed by the Russian musicAeterna orchestra and soprano Sarah Blanch conducted by Teodor Currentzis. The concert was canceled, without any reason specified by the Parisian institution referring to the orchestra venue. musicAeterna indicates than this representation it requires the participation of musicians from different countries and a long rehearsal period. In the current conditions of logistical constraints and general uncertainty, the realization of this project is not possible “.

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Nothing to do, therefore, officially, with the reasons given last week by the direction of the Konzerthaus in Vienna following the cancellation of the benefit concert in which the Greek-Russian master and the Russian formation should have participated. The statement from the Viennese house is very clear: “By canceling this concert, we respect the wish of the Ukrainian ambassador to Austria not to involve Russian artists in charity concerts for Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian ambassador to Austria calls for the cancellation of the concerts conducted by Teodor Currentzis at the Salzburg Festival

Matthias Naske added “The Wiener Konzerthaus cannot ignore the political dimension of the performance of an orchestra based in St. Petersburg at a time of immeasurable suffering caused by the aggression of Ukraine by the Russian Federation”. Important clarification when you know that musicAeterna is largely funded by the VTB, 2And Russian bank and, as such, sanctioned by the European Union.

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The personality of the music director of the Russian formation is also questioned. To date, Teodor Currentzis has not yet commented on the ongoing conflict. A silence that reproaches him the ambassador of Ukraine in Austria who also asked the direction of the Salzburg Festival to cancel the participation of the musicAeterna orchestra and its musical director next summer. Otherwise, Wassyl Chymynez told Kronen-Zeitung, the festival would send ” a very inhuman signal “.

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