Rodez: Artisans du Monde, united for fifty years


Artisans du Monde opened its doors this Saturday, like every year. The opportunity to (re) discover this atypical brand run by volunteers. In Aveyron there are about twenty of them who work for fair trade but also for other values ​​such as the defense of equality and the working conditions of producers.

Artisans du Monde organizes its open days every year. This was the case of the Ruthenian boutique this Saturday in the rue du Bal. This fair trade is entirely based on the voluntary work of the sellers. In turn, they keep the shop to discover products mainly from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

This Saturday was an opportunity to discover the many products, all from small producers. If Artisans du Monde is known for its coffee and chocolate, it has many other foods on the shelves. Whether it’s quinoa, chocolate spread, rice, condiments, tea, fruit juices, honey … there’s something for everyone. However, Artisan du Monde doesn’t stop with food. Volunteers also offer kitchen utensils, decorative or everyday items, toys for children, not to mention treats for adults.

The common denominator between these objects and foods is obviously fairness. This equity affects both income and working conditions. “Artisan du Monde has procedures to check the working conditions of producers around the world. There are regular people from the association who travel abroad. Once a year, we have a national congress where we talk about all these topics.”underlines one of the volunteers of the Ruthenian brand.

A model of solidarity society

Artisans du Monde defends “a model of a united society that transcends borders” through its 125 associations in France. Volunteers who join them naturally find themselves in this model, but are driven by other beliefs as well. Fairer and more humane trade, sustainable production, social and climate justice, equality between men and women, better consideration of ecology, more democracy in the world, a rebalancing of relations between North and South … These are all the values ​​that bind together the volunteers who have been working for change for 50 years.

Volunteers who work for Artisans du Monde tell their chance to experience extraordinary human stories. “One year I went to Peru, alone. Thanks to the Artisans du Monde network, I got the address of a quinoa producer. I meet this Peruvian. When I explained to him how we worked in France, through the shop where his product is was sold, he was very moved. It was truly extraordinary “remembers Michele.

People wishing to meet the 20 volunteers in Rodez can do so directly on the opening days of the shop, rue du Bal. On Wednesdays and Saturdays the shop is open all day. The other days (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) the opening is in the afternoon.

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