Roctool: Roctool shares strengthened by a plastics molding agreement with Saint-Gobain


(BFM Bourse) – Saint-Gobain Mobility, a world leader in its specialty, will combine its automated 3D draping technology to produce composite parts with “hot and cold” molding technology to increase the production capacity of a single mold.

After a 42% correction from its early January peak, Roctool stock rebounded 17.09% to € 4.11 on Wednesday at the end of the session as the plastic (and composite) molding technology specialist announced a collaboration. with Saint-Gobain Mobility Aerospace, the aerospace division of Saint-Gobain Mobility (the world’s leading provider of systems for the mobility market).

The Bordeaux site of Saint-Gobain Aerospace and Roctool have joined forces to offer the rapid production of composite and thermoplastic parts from 3D textile preforms, parts used for various applications in many sectors such as mobility, energy, medical, military, communications, aeronautics and maritime.

Saint-Gobain’s “Automated 3D Drape” technology allows you to design components while optimizing performance and weight, offering a significant time saving over manual draping, a tedious step. The final composite or thermoplastic part obtained with these preforms, which is quickly made, reproducible and in the final shape, is then consolidated during the curing process with the infiltration of thermosetting liquid resins or the incorporation of thermoplastic fibers during knitting.

A strongly accelerated production

But until now, the length (5 to 10 hours) of the conventional firing cycle has limited the production rate of 3D preform technology. A quick firing solution was therefore also needed to take full advantage of Saint-Gobain’s layering production systems. It is done thanks to the combination of the two technologies, which has multiplied the production capacity of a single mold by … 50.

The Savoy company, specialist in technologies for induction heating and cooling of molds for plastics and composites, has developed a molding system that significantly increases the efficiency of the firing phase (reducing its duration between 15 and 30 minutes) to the polymerization of composite materials or the thermocompression of thermoplastic parts. Called “Heat & Cool”, this patented technology, to which Roctool gives manufacturers access under license, enables rapid and homogeneous heating of the mold surface and efficient cooling through standard channels (with fully turbulent water flow). “The combination of these two technologies offers one of the fastest production speeds in today’s high performance industries and certainly a new window of applications for our customers needing composite or thermoplastic parts,” the band points out.

Together, the use of the two technologies considerably improves the environmental footprint, the knitting technology produces practically no waste (material savings on average of 30%) and does not require a freezer to store the raw material (while in the conventional composites, the prepregs are stored for 1 year at -18 ° C), while the rapid induction system saves up to 50% of kWh compared to a conventional oven cycle (which would correspond to 50 tons of CO2 per line of production, says Saint-Gobain Aerospace general manager Scott Huth).

“We are convinced that OEMs and manufacturers need turnkey solutions to respond quickly to market demands. Our exclusive partnership with Saint-Gobain for specific market segments focuses efforts on one of the key players and is another good one. example of the importance of combining material technologies and transformation processes, ”said Mathieu Boulanger, CEO of Roctool.

Roctool, however, did not disclose any financial details.

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