Rochefort: Kandy Coquerel finalist reinvents Basque cake at Nutella Academy


Rochefort: Kandy Coquerel finalist reinvents Basque cake at Nutella Academy

By Corentin Cousin
Posted May 24, 2022 at 4:40 pm

Kandy Coquerel caught the jury’s attention during the Nutella Academy competition semifinal on May 4 in Évry with his recipe for the traditional Basque pie revisited.

Kandy Coquerel won the Nutella Academy semifinal on May 4th. (© Nutella Academy).

Wednesday 4 May the 1D. semifinal of competitionNutella Academy »In Évry within the CFA of the Faculty of Crafts of Essonne where Kandy Coquerel caught the jury’s attention with his recipe for “Nut’s and Poppy”, a twist on tradition Basque cake with some Nutella.

This semi final took place around a two-hour test, during which the 8 previously qualified candidates challenged each other to revisit, with the famous spread, a classic of pastry shop of their region. Of the 8 candidates, only 3 have won tickets for the final which will take place at the beginning of the next school year.

Audacity and creativity

Talent and creativity have spoken, or at least they have suffered. Kandy Coquerel caught the jury’s attention with her original creation called “Nut’s & Poppy”. A recipe that combines audacity, respecting the products used to create a dessert that is as surprising as it is gourmet. A nice nod to the southwest and the famous Basque pie.

“I chose the Basque cake because everyone knows it. Afterwards I have to admit that it was the first time I did one, but it was the only classic that really inspired me ”. Kandy Coquerel.

While maintaining its original shape, the rochefortaise has incorporated a chocolate custard. Sprinkled with coarsely chopped hazelnuts to add crunch, she then opted for a poppy raspberry dome as a heart of flowers. The petals were made with vanilla whipped cream. All wrapped in a layer of raw Nutella.

“The jury told me it was a great cake, sometimes a little too sweet,” he smiles.

It was with this revisited Basque cake that Kandy Coquerel went to the final. (© Nutella Academy).

When fate does things right

We often talk about the helping hand of fate. It’s kind of like the Kandy Coquerel symbol. 21 years old, Kandy Coquerel is in the complementary mention Confectionery Ice Cream Chocolate Confectionery Specialized 3rd year at the CFA CMA 17 in Saint-Germain-de-Lusignan. Originally from Saint-Hilaire de Villefranche, she learned the basics of the pastry-making profession from Rémy Ange in Rochefort in her bakery.

Cakes and pastries have always fascinated me. So yes, like most great pastry chefs, I started with my mom. But I love to give free rein to my creativity when I bake a cake. I find that you have to have a certain shape of throat to do this job ”.

Pastry shop, she’s been dreaming since she was in college. But without a leader at the time, no CAP in prospect. So, she likes most college students, she goes to 2nd general, “I didn’t like it at all.” Coming from breeding parents, Kandy is moving towards a BAC Pro kennel. “I was afraid of getting bored too quickly”. He then decides to resume his passion by doing a pastry CAP in 1 year.

Then he gets it into his head to take part in this Nutella Academy contest.

At first I was a candidate for fun, but I was soon caught in my own trap. It was the first time I took part in a competition ”.

Departmental qualifications in which it comes second. “Whoever won did not respond to go to the semifinals. So they contacted me to select me. It was a little bit of fate that forced things.

Without really believing in his possibilities, it is uninhibited for Kandy to participate in these semi-finals that he will win brilliantly.

A springboard for the future

For this 3And edition, the “Nutella Academy” competition was aimed at more than 90 students, coming from 16 training centers in France. The competition takes place in 3 phases. Qualification tests in each participating institution, semi-finals in the regions between qualified candidates and a grand national final, during which the 6 best students in France will compete.

The winner of this 2022 edition of the competition will receive a contribution of 3,000 euros to help him launch his professional project and will also be a member of the jury for the final of the following season.

And Kandy is already full of prospects for the future. “I would like to enter the active life and finally live off my passion. I must first complete my apprenticeship in August ”. Finding a short-term boss first, but Kandy is also looking a little further.

Open my own brand, I’d love to. Next, I want to stand out from the crowd of all traditional sweets. I see more of a tea room where you can enjoy the cakes that I would have made myself “.

Meanwhile, Kandy will now do whatever it takes to try and win the final. This is expected to take place next fall. The organizers have not yet communicated anything.

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