Respectful of man and the planet, this chocolate does not contain … cocoa


Barley and carob. This is the recipe for a brand new chocolate whose production process is based on fermentation to avoid the use of cocoa. The London-based company WNWN FoodLabs has worked on a committed concept to circumvent the problem of child laborers in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, but also that of deforestation, generated by cocoa production.

Chocolate without cocoa, is it still chocolate? Of course we have the right to ask the question. Furthermore, the founders of the company WNWN FoodLabs (Win-Win, which in English means win-win) have no intention of being usurpers by specifying “chocolate” on the packaging of their novelty, whose marketing must begin on May 18, via il website. On their online store, their recipe is called “Choc!”.

Why is it necessary to produce more reputable chocolate?

However, Ahrum Pak and Dr. Johnny Drain have indeed sought an alternative to traditional chocolate to no longer rely on cocoa production. The two entrepreneurs in fact have several complaints towards the sector: its lack of respect towards man, but also towards the planet. To design their product, the garments started with an observation: 75% of world cocoa production comes from the Ivory Coast and Ghana. According to data from WNWN FoodLabs, one million children would be involved in cocoa production. As far as environmental issues are concerned, the British start-up is aiming at deforestation generated by the sector. The Ivory Coast has lost 94% of its forest areas over the span of sixty years, a third of which is attributable to cocoa production …

These various criticisms had already been formulated by Mighty Earth, an American association whose actions in favor of forest and climate protection have repercussions throughout the world, including France. In a damning report for the cocoa sector published in 2017, the NGO specified that this culture is responsible the disappearance of nearly 118,000 hectares of forest in the Ivory Coast between 2001 and 2014. According to Mighty Earth, five to six million people worldwide work within this production chain, most of whom live below the poverty line in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. According to data from this report, 2.1 million children on the West African coast work in the sector …

Carob: a well-known ingredient in the food industry

Consequently, this completely new type of chocolate does not contain a single gram of cocoa. Instead: barley and the fruits of the carob, the carob. The food industry already uses this food which comes in pod form to thicken or stabilize a culinary preparation. According to the specialized media The spoon which reveals the information, is a fermentation process in the spirit of the work of an oenologist or a baker, which allows to obtain a brown paste. This can be mixed with other grains before being poured into molds like lambda chocolate.

However, one question remains: if it can boast the same antioxidant properties as chocolate thanks to the presence of polyphenols contained in carob, can this alternative cocoa provide as much pleasure when you bite it?

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