Recipe How to properly cook a rib eye steak on the barbecue?


For your next family meal, learn how to grill prime rib.

Rib of beef, an ideal meat for the barbecue

The most carnivorous among us already enjoy imagining a slice on their plate! Credit: pixabay

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This part is one of the most consumed in this bovine! Once again, French gastronomy knows how to sublimate this meaty part and delight gourmets. Confused with the costa à l’os in Belgium, it is a piece of cut the beefwhich weighs between 750 g And 1.2 kg. Its weight can make a whole meal, but it is generally broken down 4 people. It would be the 7th rib of beef, to the dorsal vertebrae. You can taste it inside to grillin pot-au-feu or roasted in the oven, at any time of the year.

Its success is due to its own savory and its smell smoked cured meats. Beef, a great favorite, is the second most eaten meat by carnivores in the world, after chicken. You can cook it on the barbecue or on the platewhen the sun honors us with its presence.

Like other meats, ribs contains many benefits, including iron and vitamin B12. Obviously it brings a good dose of proteinsas well as zinc. Much anointedit should be consumed in a reasonable way, as part of a varied and balanced diet.

How to choose your cutlet?

Find quality meats to cook on the barbecue and enjoy an exceptional dining experience. Credit: pixabay

To serve a particularly tasty side of beef, choose a very shiny slice of your choice. Its quality is due, for example, to its color of a bright red and the bone still attached to the meat. Prefer labeled meat, to be sure of its origin and very thick. You can opt for a meat of butcher and find out. Vacuum packed meats in the supermarket may also be suitable.

You can therefore cook the meat in several ways, but the barbecue suitable for a summer and complete kitchen. Once cooked, the ribs will be preserved two days in the refrigerator maximum.

Cooking ribs on the barbecue

Rare or medium, speak the language of the flesh and test your preferences. Credit: Roy Sloan / Pexels

To cook your meat, take the meat from the refrigerator 1 hour as soon as possible, before preparation. According to the format (and not the weight) of your product, the cooking time may be longer. A rare rib of beef, for example, requires 15 minutes of cooking. Always turn the meat with a spatula and not prick with a fork, to avoid lose from juice and let it dry on the fire. Wrap the cutlet aluminium sheet or parchmentin order to keep a meat fluffy.

You can cook in a pan for a few minutes on each side for a few minutes, in order to preserve all the flavors beef or oven for a roasted flavor. Be careful, if you force the cooking, your rib of beef could lose nutrients.

barbecue : The advantage of this cooking method is the smoky taste embers under the grill, which is passed on to your recipe and you can share this moment with your guests. Soak the meat in olive oil to hydrate it and cook it on both sides, a Five minutes every. You can also cook a la plancha on your barbecue.

Depending on your preferences, the cooking time can vary:

Blue : 5 minutes per side.
Rare meat : 7 minutes per side.
Medium rare : 10 minutes per side.

Rib-based dressing

This red wine sauce is a greedy idea to perfect your meat recipes. Credit: shutterstock

Discover 15 ideas for beef marinades. He recipes right here.

Nothing like a fragrant scent in your kitchen, when your recipe is ready. While cooking, you can decorate your serving of beef with salt and of Pepperyou hate seasonings like Dijon mustard, directly on the fire. You can also sprinkle herbs or water everything a marinade light.

Herbs : While cooking, enhance your rib eye steak with a touch of flavor. Bet on chopped parsley or Provencal herbs, which will flavor your pieces of meat.

Spices: If you like cooking with strong flavors, Espelette pepper and paprika are suitable for meats.

Marinade : Mix the olive oil with the aromatic herbs, garlic and a few drops of lemon. Soak your meats in this marinade just before cooking them on the grill, a guaranteed success!

How to check the cooking on the barbecue?

Enjoy a piece of meat, nicely grilled on the barbecue for sunny days. Credit: unsplash

Once you’ve focused on cooking your prime rib, check to see if inside suitable before serving. You can figure it out from touching the surface of the meat, thanks to the pressure exerted with yours fingers. Put your thumb and ring finger together, they must have the same muscle strength as your flesh. This gesture can testify to the texture of your piece of beef.

You can also use a thermometer for meat, which will indicate the correct temperature of the meat. An equal or higher temperature at 63 ° C it is necessary for cooked meat. The most common method is cut a piece of meat and taste it. You will then be settled, otherwise you will just have to cook everything for a few more minutes until the desired result. You can then enjoy your dish hot or at room temperature.

Prime rib recipe

Discover all the secrets of a successful cutlet with this foolproof recipe. Credit: unsplash

Whether you’re hosting guests or just want to pamper yourself, you can bet on a tasty prime rib. It is a real share to offer to your stomach. This great classic will reveal all your potential as a chef, to your aprons!

For 4 people
Preparation time:
Cooking time :
For all scholarships

Ingrediants :

-300 g of cutlet
-1 drizzle of olive oil
-Herbs of Provence
-Salt and pepper


1. To start, get out well 1 hour before your rib of beef to be able to cook it in the best conditions.

2. Place it on a plate and sprinkle with salt and pepper on both sides. Book during 1 hour. Then remove the seasonings on the meat by hand.

3.Mix the olive oil and Provencal herbs, then brush the ribs with a brush. Book again 30 minutes.

4. Then cook the meat on the grill for 6 minutes on each side for blue cooking. Flip the meal over with a spatula.

5. Then collect the meat and wrap it aluminium sheet. Store for 10 minutes.

6. You can finally serve your cutlet.

What accompaniment for the rib of beef?

Don’t resist this potato hash, ideal for your barbecue meal. Credit: travelight

Among all our recipes we point out the very tasty Greek potatoes. The recipe right here.

When we participate in a barbecue, we hear pinkice cream and grilling. There are also complements with your meats. French fries are the most common accompaniment, which can be alternated with sautéed flavored potatoes, but also green beans. Vegetables have the advantage of being rich in fiber. For the summer season, we choose a rice salad or a pasta salad, very thirst-quenching.

Among the toppings, barbecue sauce and Dijon mustard always do the job well. You can also make a homemade Bernese sauce or a Bourguignon broth to top it all off. A gorgonzola cream it goes very well with meat. All these gourmet recipes will accentuate the taste of your meats.

As for the drinks, we bet on a Red wine quality, from a Bordeaux vineyard for example, which will be more suitable for your rib of beef. the pink it is often appropriate for barbecues, take a dry one in this case. For the alcohol freeapple juice and black currant syrup may be recommended.

The main rib is a unavoidable of French cuisine, it will be easy to be seduced and complement it with other small dishes and homemade sauces. It’s your turn !

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