Prime Minister: Elisabeth Borne appointed in Matignon, who is the new head of the government?


By Laurent P., Cécile D. Posted May 16, 2022 at 6:26 pm

Emmanuel Macron has finally revealed the identity of his brand new Prime Minister: he is more precisely a Prime Minister, Élisabeth Borne, former Minister of Labor in the last government of Jean Castex. The new tenant of Matignon aims to ensure the ecological transition, announced the President of the Republic.

After long weeks of suspense, Emanuele Macron, re-elected President of the Republic on April 24, he finally revealed the name of his new one Prime Minister. As announced, Jean Castex’s successor is a women : this is Elizabeth Borne who was appointed to take the reins of the government in France.

Following this appointment, a new government is expected to be formed and presented in the coming days. Elizabeth Borneas Prime Minister, must propose different persons for the posts of minister, and the President of the Republic designates the ministers according to his vision and objectives for this new mandate. According to use, the Secretary General of the Presidency then reveals the list of members of the government to the press, on the steps of the Elysée.

Elizabeth Borne is the second woman to get this position under the Fifth Republic, in France. Alone Edith CressonPrime Minister of President Mitterrand, he held this office from May 15, 1991 to April 2, 1992.

Who is the new head of the French government?

Born April 18, 1961 in Paris, Elizabeth Borne she is the daughter of Joseph Borne, a former resistance fighter, and Marguerite Lecesne, a pharmacist. Former student ofPolytechnic and a graduate engineerNational School of Bridges and Roadsshe entered politics relatively early.

She first became a consultant to Ministry of Education in the 1990s, with Lionel Jospin, then Jack Lang. She then moved away from the political cabinet to become director of strategy at SNCF in 2002, then director of concessions at Eiffage in 2007.

Return to politics in 2008, ever sinceElizabeth Borne became general director of urban planning at the Paris city hall until 2013. The following year she took the next step by becoming director of the cabinet of Segolene Royaleuntil 2015, at the Ministry of Ecology, on a mandate from Francois Hollande. He later became president of the RATP in 2015.

Two years later, it is the consecration with a ministry, that of Transport, within the first government ofEdward Philip in 2017, with the Ministry of Ecological Transition driven by Nicolas Hulot. He will be in charge of two other ministries, that of Ecological transition in 2019, then that of Labor in 2020 within the Castex government.

A profile that “ticked all the boxesregarding his appointment, according to several political observers, as well as several members of the majority.

Note, however, that the new Prime Minister may not remain in office for long: depending on the results of the legislative electionsin June, Emanuele Macron he may be forced to appoint a new head of government.

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