Portrait. Mariem Sakmassi, Head of the Marketing, Communication, CRM and Sales Training Department – Opel Morocco


Mariem Sakmassi is one of the 50 inspiring women who are moving the lines, selected in the special issue of our Challenge magazine “Les chances du Maroc”, published on March 8 as a tribute to Moroccan women.

Nothing predestined Mariem Sakmassi to enter the automotive industry and make a career out of it. However, it is precisely in this sector that he has begun to make a name for himself and also to place himself within the Moroccan automotive group Auto Hall, one of the main players in the distribution of multi-brand rolling stock in the Kingdom. She traces her path there, gradually, with confidence.

With a Baccalaureate in Experimental Sciences in his pocket in 2005, Mariem Sakmassi naturally chose to pursue a diploma in general university studies (DEUG) with a physico-chemical option at the Faculty of Science and Technology of Mohammedia.

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However, if science subjects have always aroused her interest, it is towards a completely different discipline that she has successfully turned, namely management and commerce. And it is from the National School of Commerce and Management that he graduated specializing in marketing and commercial action.

A university background that allowed Mariem Sakmassi to join the Auto Hall group in 2011 as post-sales marketing, satisfaction and loyalty manager for Scama, one of the subsidiaries of the automotive group that markets the Ford brand. . A first professional training experience which she describes as very enriching and which allows her to access other responsibilities. From 2013 to 2018 you held the position of Head of the spare parts department of Scama. And 2018 will be both a real turning point and a new challenge for Mariem Sakmassi.

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Indeed, it was during this time that the carmaker Opel, which wanted to strengthen its position in Morocco, joined forces with Auto Hall. And to carry on the destiny of the brand, the new subsidiary of the group called Société Marocaine de l’Automobile Allemande (SMAA) has formed its new team, within which Mariem Sakmassi holds the position of Head of Marketing, Communication , CRM, and commercial training.

On the condition of leading women in Morocco, this young mother made an opinion: “Morocco today is no longer what it was yesterday and this also applies to female leadership. The status of female executive, senior executive and even leader is now natural ”. And Mariam Sakmassi concludes: “If we look closely at the evolution of the condition of women leaders, we can only bet on the total fulfillment of women in their capacity as managers and leaders in the years to come. In this way the tops of the pyramids of Moroccan companies will be increasingly blurred by an accentuated female presence ”.

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