Parasite: Bong Joon-ho explains the final sequence of his masterpiece


It’s hard not to notice “Parasite”, released in 2019. Below, discover the director’s explanations of the relatively tragic end of his sublime feature film.

Parasite or the class struggle

Parasite revolves around the meeting between two families to which everything is opposed, starting with their social status. On the one hand, the rich Park leads a luxurious life. On the other hand, a less fortunate family whose members are all unemployed: among them, the young Ki-woo, who dreams of success. The latter weaves a bond between the two houses when he starts giving private English lessons to the Parks. By dint of a trick, Ki-woo manages to hire members of his family. But beware, he is careful not to mention that he knows them. For their part, the Park sees nothing but fire. Then set an uncontrollable march where everyone finds themselves caught … to the point of no return.

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Parasite encounter a big success Worldwide. The film won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, which was unanimously awarded by the members of the jury. For the record, the feature film is the first Korean film to receive this prestigious award. If critics praise Bong Joon-ho’s work, viewers are not left out. Nearly 1.8 million curious French people went to find out Parasite in dark rooms. The drama also won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Best International Film. The director and the script are also sacred during the ceremony. A truly consecration for the director, which, already very popular in South Korea, has seen its fame explode. In an interview with our colleagues from vulnerability, Bong Joon-ho explains the end of his beloved job. Attention, spoiler below !

What to understand from the end of the film?

Recall, at the end of the Parasite, He shows us Ki-woo the consequences of the tragic events happened previously. She wakes up in the hospital and finds herself on probation, just like her mother. Ki-jung is dead, while her father is now a fugitive. Nobody knows where he is. Later, Ki-woo returns near the Parks house. There he observes a flickering light and soon realizes that it is a Morse code message. The young man then understands it his father sends him a message. Eventually, Ki-woo is seen writing a letter. His plan is simple: get to college, get a job, and buy the famous house. Hence his father can finally get out of hiding.

Parasite © Koch Films

The penultimate shot of the feature film shows the two characters who, years later, meet and embrace. Ki-woo’s plan succeeded. However, the credits don’t start. Instead, a final sequence in which we return to the young man, still busy writing his letter. If many viewers hope he can still achieve his goals, Bong Joon-ho not that optimistic. On the contrary, he explains that he added the last blow so that we realize the impossibility of the hero’s dream:

It’s pretty sad and cruel, but I think it was fairer, more honest to the audience.

According to him, thanks to this final plan, we know it as well as he does Ki-woo won’t be able to redeem the seat. The director readily recognizes the obscurity of this ending, but believes that the “franchise” fits well with his feature film:

The goal is not to show you how to change the world, but rather to expose the terrible and explosive weight of reality. This, in my opinion, is the beauty of cinema.

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