Lucas Carton, restaurant-museum like no other

Reading time: 5 min Champenois by adoption Paul-François Vranken, producer of white wines with noble sparkling wine, was lucky enough to offer the cuisine of Lucas Carton to the genius chef Hugo Bourny for a planned revival of this beautiful restaurant: an admirable institution. Nothing is more difficult for a traditional chef than giving life, … Read more

Rare public appearance of the supreme leader for Eid

The supreme leader of Afghanistan gave a public speech on Sunday, only for the second time in six years, on the occasion of the feast of Eid al-Fitr, saying that the victory of the Taliban last August had allowed the country to regain freedom and security. . Read alsoJean Pierre Perrin:The failure in Afghanistan is … Read more

Avocado Cooking Oil Market Innovative New Solutions and Advanced Technology Research Report 2030

A final report entitled Global report on avocado cooking oil Market Research Study of 2022, studies the business scope along with key growth drivers and offers important insights into the industry. This report foresees the development opportunities present in the global market. In addition, the report describes the overall size of the Avocado Cooking Oil … Read more

Close to Rouen, L’Auberge de Papa combines a bistronomic restaurant, wine bar and bed and breakfast!

Of Isabella Villi Published on 1 May 22nd at 1:12 pm 76news See my news Follow this media The team of L’Auberge de papa in Auzouville-sur-Ry, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime): the chef, the waitress and the couple who own the restaurant, that is the father and the son. (© Isabelle Villy) The small village ofAuzouville-sur-Ry, near … Read more

These foods not to give to your cat

There is a reason why cats eat pate and croquettes. Human foods are not suitable for their fragile little stomachs. Then, be careful before giving anything to your cat: even if he asks for these foods, they can cause him many health problems. Drinks not to give to your cat Everyone has childhood memories of … Read more