Nutrition: culinary challenges in Val-d’Oise

One of the challenges will be to prepare couscous with seasonal vegetables, on a limited budget.
One of the challenges will be to prepare couscous with seasonal vegetables, on a limited budget. (© Dr.)

Eating well is essential for staying healthy and aging well. An essential concept that intends to remind the population ofRegional health agency of Ile-de-France launching culinary challenges in different villages of the Val-d’Oise. An operation that will be carried out by cooperatives of actors, health promotion systems started byArs of the Ile-de-France under the Regional health plan of Ile-de-France 2018-2022.

The cooperative of nutrition actors brings together institutions, health professionals, local structures and the five municipalities of the east of Val-d’Oise (Garges-lès-Gonesse, Goussainville, Gonesse, Sarcelles and Villiers-le-Bel). It carries out numerous educational actions with the aim of contributing, in a participatory approach, to the reduction of the prevalence of diseases related to the determinants of health and nutrition (diabetes, obesity, etc.) among children and young people in the east of the Val -d ‘Oise, but also of their parents.

Regional health agency of Ile-de-France

Five municipalities

An intergenerational culinary challenge will take place in each of the five municipalities in May and June. The choice of the theme and the preparation of this day have been thought of in each city, thanks to several co-construction workshops, in consultation with the ARS Île-de-France, the resource center, the coordinators of the Local Health Contracts (Cls ), a local structure (association, social center, etc.) and a group of committed residents. Each of these challenges will host the Healthy Smoothie association, which will propose activities to raise awareness of physical activity and balanced nutrition, in particular through the consumption of fruit and vegetables.

The program

– Saturday 21 May in Les Sablons, in Sarcelles, in collaboration with Apec: for this challenge two teams made up of inhabitants of Sarcelles will compete. Everyone will have to cook a balanced traditional couscous, using seasonal vegetables, on a limited budget. Participants’ children will be invited to make sweets with the remaining semolina.
– Friday 3 June in front of the Empreinte de Goussainville social center: the objective of this challenge will be to promote the consumption of vegetables by children by hiding them in the dishes they prefer. The inhabitants will prepare vegetable-based desserts that the children will eat after school.
– Saturday 11 June at the Jean-Jacques-Rousseau youth space in Garges-lès-Gonesse, in collaboration with the Pierre de Lune association: this challenge will consist, in an intergenerational team (made up of children and adults), to revisit a dish of tradition and a balanced dessert.
– Wednesday 15 June in Villiers-le-Bel at the Le Bel Epi social grocery store, in collaboration with the Gem association: for this challenge, young adults and people with disabilities will prepare a healthy “picnic” meal with little material.
– Wednesday 29 June at the Louis-Aragon home in Gonesse: this challenge, the mother present to the delights of youth, will invite teenagers and adults to prepare a balanced aperitif dinner with seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Created in 2018 by the departmental delegation of the Val-d’Oise of the Île-de-France Regional Health Agency, which directs and coordinates it, the cooperative of actors on nutrition in the east of Val-d’Oise has developed a program of coordinated actions ranging from prevention to management, based on the participation of the inhabitants.

Strengthen the parent / child bond

Prevention workshops take place in schools, extracurriculars and local structures. Other projects experiment with actions to help referee purchases towards a healthy basket or improve the management of overweight among young people.

One of the main axes of the cooperative is the strengthening of the parent / child bond and the mobilization of the inhabitants through the implementation of nutritional actions co-constructed with and for the inhabitants. Several ideas have been formulated by the inhabitants and transcribed into concrete actions: awareness workshops on balanced nutrition and physical activity, cooking workshops, gardening workshops, physical activity sessions and intergenerational culinary challenges.

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