Near Nantes. In this restaurant, we don’t wage war on poutines!

Poutine Le Québreizh
Anne-Sophie Meneux and Loïc Hamon, the owners of Québreizh with Pascal Borin, the restaurant’s chef, prepare the famous poutine. © HSM

We can already imagine that someone is afraid to see the subject dealt with from this angle … Yet, ever since February 24, 2022 and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, examples of restaurateurs who are victims of insults or threats have multiplied.

Are they wrong? They have poutine on their menu. Yes, yes, poutine, this plate of french fries topped with gravy and cheddar cheese curd typical of Quebec and therefore it has absolutely nothing to do with Vladimir Putin. If not his name of course. But do we really believe that a person with ears broken by opera has ever thrown an opera in the face of a pastry chef to make him pay for it? It seems unlikely to us, but after all …

Be that as it may, in Clisson (near Nantes), Québreizh’s clients seem more reasoned. The restaurant, located on Place de la Gare, has been offering poutine in addition to traditional crêpes and galettes for almost two years. Hence its name, a contraction of Quebec and Brittany. “There are more people who ask me if it causes problems than people who cause problems”, smiles the boss, Loïc Hamon, who has spent most of his life in the land of Poutine (and not Poutine!)

“Are you still serving poutine?” “

“We had a customer who asked us very seriously,“ Are you still serving the poutine? “As if we were wrong not to have it removed from the menu, but that’s all and it wasn’t too bad,” assures his partner and co-manager Anne-Sophie Meneux.

Ah, and also a woman who told us she thought she read the wrong word when she saw the word “poutine” written on it, which gave her a little anguish because she didn’t know the dish, but hers. the reaction was not hostile at all, it was a surprise.

Québreizh Clisson Poutine
Poutine has become the main dish of Québreizh in Clisson. © HSM

A signature dish

Furthermore, knowing that not everyone knows poutine, Anne-Sophie Meneux had the reflex to present it systematically since the beginning of the war, which she had not done before.

At first, I insisted that it is a Quebec dish that precedes Poutine. I felt compelled to do so in order not to risk confusion.

But Québreizh’s customers are mostly repeat customers who know exactly what it is. The manager was therefore immediately reassured. Furthermore, the sales of this dish, which has become a “signature” in Québreizh, have not decreased. “Represents between 25 and 30% of orders “Impressive figures, especially since poutine is not the original dish of this restaurant taken over by the couple in January 2019 and which mainly offers pancakes and galettes.

Québreizh has started offering poutine at the exit of the first containmentalmost two years ago.

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We were totally closed, everything was still and we didn’t know how long it would last, recalls Anne-Sophie Meneux. So we started thinking about a dish to put on sale to take away, knowing that pancakes were difficult to reheat properly at home.

6 poutine recipes!

Poutine imposed himself on them in view of the story of Loïc, who lived in Canada from his three years to his return to France in 2017.

We tried different recipes and when we developed one, the restaurants were reopening. So we put it on the menu and we still offer it today on the spot for lunch and dinner and to take away.

A dish, legends …

But who invented the poutine? Several regions of Quebec claim its creation. What is certain is that it was born in the 1950s. The most common story is that it came from a restaurant in Warwick where a customer asked the owner to mix the casket of cheese with those chips. As for its name, there are several explanations there too. It may be derived from the English word “pudding”. Or, according to Loïc Hamon’s own explanation, which derives from “put in” (put in). Be that as it may, for the king of clissonnaise poutine, “it doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as it’s good!” “

Except since then, poutines have turned into poutines. Because there are no less than 6 different recipes in Québreizh ! “We have the three traditional recipes that we find there, namely fresh chips, a special homemade salsa and unrefined cheddar that we import from Quebec (because it is specific), which we then offer like this, without meat, or with pork or of beef, ”explains Anne-Sophie Meneux.

And since February we have three more recipes, which this time we have adapted in our own way, such as “La bonne du curé” which is made with Nantes priest and Muscadet sausage.

Some customers have already had a big enough belly and a strong enough stomach to test all six in a short time. Information heavy enough to be reported!

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