Nantes. These simple tips to save € 170 per year on your energy bill


The 2022 ecological citizen challenge launched by Nantes Métropole ended on Tuesday 17 May with an evening at the Zénith. Murielle Jouanneau shared her experience with us.

I screwed a mousseur to the tap which, for such an effective rinse, reduces the flow of water by half. Murielle Jouanneau, member of the Rezé senior association and participant in the energy challenge launched by Nantes Métropole, is happy to share her advice. She invokes some common sense which, in the long run, produces big savings.

On Tuesday evening 17 May, like most of the 240 participating families, Murielle Jouanneau was at the Zénith to celebrate a year of challenges during which she changed her habits and adopted a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. On the program, you will visit the Zenith photovoltaic panels, an improvisation show, a short speech by Johanna Roland – mayor of Nantes and president of Nantes Métropole – and announcement of the scores.

photo the assembly of participants in the city challenge.  © Western France

The assembly of participants in the city challenge. © Western France

The rules of the challenge were simple, articulated around three disciplines – zero waste, zero energy consumption, zero food input – in the face of a single common enemy, global warming. Each household took part in one of the three challenges and tried to earn the maximum number of points to increase the scores of their municipality. To do this, the families were supported by associations. Among these, Alisée, Ecopole, the green box or Gab44, able to provide many tips and tricks.

photo alisée tool case for mini energy consumption.  © Western France

Alisée tool case for minimum energy consumption. © Western France

A basin to reuse the water consumed

And they can be numerous and fruitful. Murielle Jouanneau did not stop at the blow of the mousseur, in her precious secrets: unplug the base of the phone charger when she is not charging the mobile phone, wash with a towel rather than running the water, reuse the water dedicated to washing the vegetables, have a basin, which is essential to reuse the water consumed. ” I use a natural dish soap, so I can use the water from washing to irrigating my garden “, she adds.

Likewise “When I wash my hands with natural Marseille soap, my horticultural plants are delighted to be able to benefit from it. This neutral soap does not damage them. “ She regrets not having been able to have her plumber install a shower water collector, connected directly to her garden to irrigate her garden. The operation would not be authorized.

photo murielle jouanneau.  © Western France

Murielle Jouanneau. © Western France

Turn off the heat before the end of cooking

Another tip: “When I cook, I always turn off the heat before the end of cooking, the thermal inertia takes care of the rest”, she assures.

“I also discovered what the Norwegian casserole was, a cardboard box full of corks in which you can put your casserole halfway through cooking”, she explains. Cork is a great insulator, which helps retain heat. The cost of using the plates or gas is not negligible and this solution is very useful.

All these solutions have allowed Murielle Jouanneau to reduce her electricity bill by 8% and her water bill by 15%, or just over 170 euros on her annual bill.

With this score, Murielle Jouanneau is just above the average of the 140 participants in the energy challenge, 8% for electricity and 13% for water.

40 kg

This would be the amount of paper waste that the most exposed families could avoid each year thanks to the “stop advertising” sticker on the mailbox, according to Florian Roquinarc’h, one of the organizers of the challenge.

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