Meeting in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef with Max and his trailer pulled by a recumbent bicycle


Max travels by bicycle in total autonomy with his trailer and his two dogs.  A stop in St Michel that aroused curiosity
Max travels by bicycle in total autonomy with his trailer and his two dogs. © The post of the country of retz

It is a bicycle trip that does not go unnoticed, an impressive and out of the ordinary equipment. Saddlebags or the usual trailers are simply replaced by a new type hook. It’s about a caravan, that of Max Le Bourlingueur, which makes a stop on the esplanade of the brings from Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef.

From Belgium

Originally from Belgium, he left in May 2021 for a journey of 1000 km, a circuit along the canals between Brussels and Amiens via Compiègne. “I went early to simply test the material on a round trip circuit. Then it took me a month to rewrite everything and solve all the technical problems on the bike. ”

On September 15th, Max felt ready for the big start, well, almost!

»I left despite some problems with my electric bike, which ultimately led to a 3-month break, from December 15th to March 15th. A real nuisance is the electric bike on a travel project or is it the curse of the number 15 of the month? “, Comments the backpacker all smiles.

bike without motor

After some contacts on the sites of bicycle hikers, what led to another, his steps lead him to meet Gaylord, a fan of the trailer towed by bicycle, already known on the circuits of Saint-Michel.

Max also buys his recumbent bike “without motor this time only for the strength of the calves and that of my two dogs, but at least I no longer have motor problems.”

Max’s project so far has not been to accumulate kilometers, but is oriented above all towards a lifestyle that seems suitable for him.

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At the age of 44, a former gardener in a children’s home, multifaceted worker, animator, Max has matured his project for ten years.

Live his poems

The idea of ​​living outside with my dogs, seeing the countryside, meeting new people, that’s what I like. I have a feeling of freedom with this type of travel, being able to stop at any time without having to find a place for a tent. The convenience of staying dry in bad weather, eating hot and being able to recharge the batteries as they are completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity. I used to write poems, now I live them. ”

His goal now is to “promote cycle paths”:

»I decided to create my YouTube channel to promote cycle paths and soft mobility everywhere in France and also in Europe. I also plan to organize a large gathering of nomadic cyclists in 2023 through a traveling circuit between Angers and Saint-Brevin. ”

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