Lidl announces the great return of its overlock machine for less than 160 euros!

Next Monday, Lidl will market an overlocker. So don’t wait to get it, stocks could run out very quickly.

Stay alert! Next Monday, lidl is about to market an overlocker. With this unmissable range, you will tell us about it. MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Lidl will soon make people happy

Six thousand every day to shopping at Lidl ! And you are right.

On a daily basis, the group always brings out heavy artillery to satisfy their customers at all levels. If you are looking for bargains, Lidl should seduce you!

In fact, there is no shortage of promotions inside the store. And that’s not all!

The brand likes to satisfy its customers with items offered at low prices. Whether it’s food, high-tech products or even clothing to name a few, you are always spoiled for choice.

In case of problems, everything is fine to compensate consumers. On the web, marketing teams are also very active!

Internet users are constantly looking for new posts from the group. As our current temperatures approach those of summer, Lidl has decided to delight your taste buds.

Countless ranges of ice cream were presented. “To face the heat wave, what’s better a good XXL ice cream? Biscuits, caramel, chocolate … What flavor would you be tempted by? “, we learn from one of Lidl’s latest Instagram posts.

In the comment thread, many of you reacted. “Caramel is just great! »,« Buzz too good. Simply chocolate ”,“ Chocolate, bought this afternoon! “. According to the latest news, even a completely different product could grab your attention. And it’s a overlocker! To admire…

This overlock has it all

Are you good at sewing? Then this little gem is perfect for you!

Again, Lidl has thought of everything. This indispensable machine has it all.

Practical, with this gadget you will therefore perform miracles. The original creations are yours!

“Next week, make room for #couture! Our #serger returns this Monday 23rd May with its free arm, 1,300 stitches per minute and the integrated rolled hem plate.
All information in our #catalogue “, we can read in the post caption.

Also, Lidl has more or less made it known that this machine could be the top gift for mother’s day. It’s up to you !

So, see you next Monday for this overlocker! For sure, stocks are likely to sell out at lightning speed.

If you want to celebrate the occasion on May 29, why not bet on the excellent dishes too?

Lidl recently went on sale gyoza stuffed with vegetables. But also a great chicken tikka with basmati rice!

“Rather #asian or #mediterranean? Find our #catering of the world range and its rich and varied tastes in your Lidl supermarket tomorrow! “, he also made fun of the subsidiary – at the beginning of the week – on social media.

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