“Le Restaurant”: “Entering catering not through gastronomy”


Presented by chef Vincent Dion-Lavallée and Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc, the culinary competition Restaurantfilming for which has just begun, promises a foray into the world of catering from a new perspective.

“We are really here to show the other side of catering and show the stress in the kitchen. And not only the stress of having time available to make a challenge or create a recipe, but also because there are customers in the room waiting “, said the host who will also play the role of chef. Hotel in this new competition culinary deck the dining room and kitchen.

The viewer will thus have access, with this formula, to the entrepreneurial side of the kitchen. An aspect that will also be reflected in the issues addressed, the actress recalled on Tuesday during an interview with the QMI Agency.

Recreate the “day by day”

This new competition aims to recreate the “daily life” of restaurateurs to help competitors who dream of opening their own restaurant to refine their offer and their concept. Profitability, profitability, waste, but also the adaptation of menus to satisfy both people in a hurry, families or those who want to rest for a long time, will all be elements taken into consideration during the evaluations. “It is a bit of a reality that restaurateurs will experience during their career. It is really a “day to day” that happens in a restaurant and we rely on this to face the challenges “, said Vincent Dion-Lavallée without being able to reveal too much, adding that it will be interesting to see the energy differences between what happens in the dining room. dining compared to what happens in the kitchen.

For each episode, about forty customers will have to choose – at their own discretion – and evaluate a dish among the three proposals that will be made available to them. One candidate could then end up with 25 orders for his pot, while another could only have three.

Vincent Dion-Lavallée and Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc will host the show

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

At the end of the service, the customers and the judge-mentor revealed the show to the general public A chef at the refuge, each will have to protect a candidate. The third will be eliminated. But be careful! Taste will not be the only criterion evaluated. The proposal as a whole will be examined with a magnifying glass, to know whether it is complete or not, its price, its cohesion and respect for the theme will also affect the notes, the chef said on Tuesday. Consistency and inventory management will also play a role in the final result.

The winner will win a $ 50,000 grant to help open their restaurant.

A big secret still lingers on the competition, which won’t be shown on TV until the fall. However, the QMI agency learned that the 12 candidates came from quite disparate universes and backgrounds, although the culinary level of the participants was quite high. We also know that one of the candidates, who has a full training in pastry and bakery, wants to open her restaurant for lunch / brunch, while others dream of opening gourmet restaurants or snack bars.

Vincent Dion-Lavallée and Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc will host the show

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

“We could do a complete” show “on gourmet cuisine. There was so much talent [au sein des candidats], but we wanted something more colorful, more “Quebec food in general”. And that’s the fun. It is not because you want to open a Mexican bar or counter that is necessarily less good than a gourmet restaurant “, said the chef of Cabane d’à Côté, located in Mirabel.

Restaurantwhich is currently shooting in Hoogan and Beaufort, will be presented next fall in Zeste.

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