Lauragais: a restaurant in Basque colors has opened just outside Montgiscard

(left to right) Javer, Michaël and Laurie opened their restaurant two weeks ago
Javer, Michaël and Laurie (left to right) opened their restaurant two weeks ago (© Léo Couffin – Voice of the Southern Lauragais)

Michael, Laurie and Javer they lean on the terrace. The customers have been missing for thirty minutes. A little respite before resuming service in their restaurant Donostia open ever since Monday 2 May 2022 at the entrance of Montgiscard. Replaces the Sluis Brewery.

Donostia, this word must appeal to more than one. It is not common to hear it in Montgiscard, but rather towards the Basque coast. Lauri and Michele come from it. They know the stories and the bowels of their “country” thoroughly. “Me only Bayonne. I grew up there before I moved the age of 17. Laurie, she also has her own family from the Basque Country ”, points out Michaël.

Various and varied dishes

In this brasserie, we want to reach all audiences. Thus, the restorers have imagined a so-called “classic” card.. “What we mean is that we don’t taste alone Basque products. There will be more traditional products that we see elsewhere, ”says Laurie.

The restaurant has been redesigned in Basque colors.
The restaurant has been redesigned in Basque colors. (© Léo Couffin – The voice of the south)

However, a slight touch of Basque accent is noticeable in some dishes. “Obviously, with the name of the restaurant there will be a touch of home, but not necessarily in all dishes. After, we have tapas which come from the Basque Country. Particularly cured meats and cheeses“Observes Laurie.

A first restaurant in Toulouse

In this restaurant, the managers can seat approx 80 seats for lunch and dinner. The same cannot be said of their former workplace, the epicureanlocated avenue de Castres, in Toulouse. “He was smaller, we did it Maximum 30 seats“Observes Michael.

After seven years of business in the same place, Michaël felt he had done the trick. Thus he was born Donostia. But keeping the same codes as the epicurean.

“I like to say that here we welcome people from 7 to 77 years old. We have managed to break down the differences between social classes. Everyone has come over there. We want to reproduce this effect”.

A desire produced by Covid

It is never easy to embark on a new project. However, when thought of this way, the result is a reflection of the investment. “So far we have only had positive feedback. I developed this idea during the health crisis. Even though I had already launched it before, it allowed me to perfect it “, smiles Michaël.

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True to his origins, Michaël exhibited several paintings about the Basque Country in the restaurant.
True to his origins, Michaël exhibited several paintings about the Basque Country in the restaurant. (© Léo Couffin – The voice of the south)

Resident of New city, the latter was not disappointed by his choice. On the contrary, despite a recent opening, desire and ideas for the future flow. Shiny, the priority is the proper development of this restaurant “We focus on our work. In a few years, if we do well, we hope to develop it. ”

That’s all the bad we want Donostia.

Practical information
Donostia – n ° 5 D813 – 31450 Montgiscard
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday at noon; Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening; open continuously on weekends.
More information: 06 64 23 14 19

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