launch of a campaign to encourage the French to eat better


Two of the new recommendations are highlighted: eat more legumes and switch to whole starches.

Despite their advantages, wholemeal starches (rice, pasta, semolina, wholemeal bread, etc.) and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, etc.), rich in fiber and good for health, are not quite present in the French flat diet. , Public Health France points out in a new campaign whose slogan is “Start by improving a dish you already like”.

About 60 percent of adults do not eat whole grain products, and 85 percent do not meet the recommendation for legumes, which is to consume them twice a week, according to a news release from the health agency.

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Don’t blame

Broadcast for a month on television, on social media and on the website, this national campaign launched on Tuesday encourages the French to gradually change their habits, without giving up the pleasure of eating. “Improving your diet starts with small gestures: eating legumes more often and replacing your usual starchy foods with whole starches, rich in fiber, are two simple steps but very good for your health,” says Anne-Juliette Serry, manager. the power and physical activity unit at Public Health France. An example? “Are you more carbonara than pasta? Opt for wholemeal pasta, it is also quick to make and richer in fiber.

“Improving your diet starts with small actions: eating legumes more often and replacing your usual starchy foods with whole starches.”

Anne-Juliette Serry, head of the nutrition and physical activity unit at Public Health France

Another objective: to sensitize the population to the need to reduce the consumption of meat, cured meats, alcohol, sweet products and drinks and savory products. Clearly, all foods have a Nutriscore D and E rating. This scale of letters and colors, found on food packaging, is intended to help you choose better nutritional quality food products. Implemented in 2017, it is only optional. However, it is not always easy to be virtuous when the shelves are full of products that are too fatty, too salty, too sweet.

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8 million obese

More than half (63%) of French between the ages of 18 and 54 ingest more than the recommended maximum of 150 grams of cured meats per week; A third drink more than a glass a day of sugary drinks. Finally, 83% exceed the recommended intake threshold for saturated fatty acids.

In France, nearly half of adults are overweight and 8 million of them suffer from obesity, including 500,000 in severe form, according to the Ministry of Health.

Beyond the focus on starch and legumes, the general advice remains to eat more seasonal fruit and vegetables, preferably various and homemade meals, to move more and limit the time spent sitting.

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