Jujube Montmartre, the new trendy restaurant


At the foot of the Montmartre hill, rue de Dancourt, in 18, there has been a new restaurant for several months: Jujube. He takes his culinary and gastronomic inspirations at the crossroads of multiple countries such as Africa, Italy, Japan and France. Jujube is a trendy restaurant, which aims to be affordable and which guarantees you an explosion of flavors in your mouth! We take you.

Jujube Montmartre

A signature restaurant

Jujube stands out from the other places of the “Haut Martyrs” for its philosophy and for its original culinary identity, which Parisians like more and more. It’s one of the neighborhood’s new culinary nuggets. Chef Senda D. Waguena offers his customers a gastronomic break off the beaten track. With each service, she takes the taste buds of her customers to the four corners of the world. The spices are there in the dish, without altering the taste of the dishes. A right dosage that allows you to discover innovative and original flavor combinations.

Chef Senda D. Waguena, a cook without borders

Among his Togolese origins, his apprenticeship in Italy, his passion for manga and Japanese culture, the cuisine of Chef Waguena surprises. Furthermore, in about fifteen years, he had his teeth removed in various Parisian restaurants, which gave him an excellent knowledge of French gastronomy. He likes to imagine, create, experiment with new combinations of flavors and new recipes to always surprise his customers. This passion for creativity leads him to change his menu very regularly.

Chef Senda D. Waguena - Giuggiola

Au Jujube: a menu accessible to all

Depending on the season, arrivals and wishes, the chef changes his dishes and flavor combinations.

The menu changes from week to week. Customers can choose from increasingly surprising creations. They have the chance to taste artichoke tempura, okra sauce and spices from my childhood; a crusted fillet of beef, smoked cup, jujube and chilli juice, yam and kimchi, and for dessert, Tanzania 75% chocolate mousse, cocoa bean praline, Kasnodar caviar.

For our part we were able to enjoy the perfect egg ravioli, mafé sauce and wild garlic butter, a delight! Just like the oyster ceviche, kumquat, wild herbs and ginger that will reconcile even the most reluctant to eat oysters! For the rest, we let you discover this address, but we guarantee you will like it!

Apartment- Senda D. Waguena

To best accompany his dishes, the chef imagines and creates his own cocktails and alcoholic infusions. The cocktails proposed by Jujube are all homemade and very daring, such as the “Tamarind Sour”, consisting of Tamarind Juice, Sweet’n Sour and whiskey infused with candied peppers. The restaurant’s essential cocktails also include “Jujubiscus”, with in particular hibiscus syrup and “Mandingue Monk”.

To create his first Parisian restaurant, the chef surrounded himself with 2 partners. Alexis takes care of the administrative tasks and Dorone, the wine and beverage list. He offers a wide choice of spirits for tasting and especially for the digestive.

The drinks menu is also accessible. For this a bottle of champagne is offered from 45 €.

Children are also very well received in Jujube. A menu is even dedicated to them: the “Mini Giuggiolo”.

In addition, Jujube also offers brunch, by reservation, on weekends from 12:00 to 16:00.

Jujube Montmartre

Jujube Montmartre

The restaurant is called Jujube, in memory of the date-flavored Chinese fruit that the chef ate as a child.

4 rue Dancourt – 75018 Paris Montmartre

From Tuesday evening to Sunday at noon, from 12:00 to 15:00 for lunch and from 19:00 to midnight for dinner

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