discover Bazurto, Juan Arbelaez's restaurant

Juan Arbelaez’s first Colombian restaurant invites you on a journey into taste. Go behind the scenes of Bazurto, in the interview with the chef.

To understand the story of Bazurto, we went to the meeting with Juan Arbelaez, Cook. Colombian, the chef wanted to convey all the warmth and authenticity of his country in his restaurant, through Colombian culinary specialties and extraordinary decorations.

Bazurto’s Juan Arbelez : the restaurant in the image of the Colombian market

In his interview, the chef reveals his sources of inspiration that helped make the décor of his restaurant so warm and rich. “Bazurto is Cartagena’s market. An eclectic place where everyone comes “. To share this market, the chef and Hélène Paoli, architect from Bazurto, brought back crates from Cartagena. Plates, cups… a colorful, festive and mystical universe characterizes the restaurant.

The fiery decoration of Juan Arbelaez’s restaurant

Let yourself be seduced by the warm décor of Bazurto. The restaurant invites you to drop off your suitcases at the bar counter in the interior patio, where you will immerse yourself in the heart of the Mercado Loco. Upstairs, discover the Hacienda, where you will enjoy a unique menu over a wood fire. There is also an extensive wine list and captivating cocktails.

It is in June 2021 that chef Juan Arbelaez opens his restaurant under the sign of Colombian gastronomy. Since then, the address has become the new place for tasty specialties not to be missed.

What I try above all is to make you travel in the warmth and authenticity of Colombia, contrary to the clichés. Let’s revisit my Colombian culinary specialties with a modern French twist, he describes on his website.

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