In Nancy he opened Le Madcat, a restaurant that revisits the traditional hot dog


Charles Bonnet is one of the managers of Nancy's Madcat.
Charles Bonnet is one of the managers of Nancy’s Madcat. (© Amandine Mehl / Lorraine News)

If you like cats and hot dogs, the Crazy catrestaurant located at 4 rue Saint-Epvre in Nancy, could become your next headquarters.

The project, born during the first birth and imagined by Charles and Marius Bonnet, two brothers also at the head of 27 Gambetta and Tém, took shape on 13 December 2021.

During the first confinement, we had three weeks in which we could not do anything, as the restaurants were closed. At the end of these three weeks, we wondered what we could bring back to Nancy, in terms of catering. Then came the idea. For us it was a real first time. Before Madcat, we had never launched fast food.

Carlo BonnetCo-manager of Madcat

Fresh products and a varied assortment

At Madcat we are very far from the traditional hot dog, that is: bread, sausage, ketchup. Here customers have a very varied offer and vegetarians will also find what they are looking for.

In Nancy, the hot dog is the first. And, of course, we use bread as a medium. We get what we want. For example, we offer the Schrödinger, with Strasbourg sausage, Riesling sauerkraut, crème fraîche and Alsatian yogurt, fried onions and sweet and sour gherkins. Titi & Silvestro is made with squid ink bread, Milanese poultry in panko breadcrumbs, roasted corn, onions and barbecue mayonnaise. Again, for us, bread is really a support.

Carlo BonnetCo-manager of Madcat

And it’s not because it’s a fast-food restaurant that the products are chosen at random!

The idea here is to break the image of fast food and traditional hot dogs. At Madcat, everything is homemade. Whether it’s fries or sauces, except ketchup and mustard. We work mainly with fresh products and our bread comes from Nancy. In the future, the idea is also to further develop the short circuit.

Carlo BonnetCo-manager of Madcat

Cookies, muffins, pieces of cake …

In addition to hot dogs and fries, the Madcat offers various desserts, all made by a Tém pastry chef. Customers can enjoy a cookie, a muffin or even a piece of fruitcake.

As for prices, hot dogs are available from € 6.50. For a menu, including hot dogs, fries and a drink, you need to count a minimum of € 12.50.

The facility is open all week and its latest news can be followed on Instagram. What to delight the sweet tooth!

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