important criteria for making the right choice

Do you want to buy new hobs for your kitchen? It is not easy to find your way around with all the kitchen models available… Here are the criteria to consider when choosing the right hob!


When it comes to make preparations of all kinds, the equipment used for cooking is of the utmost importance. The ideal would be to choose one that makes everyday life easier. It must be perfectly functional, aesthetic and efficient. All these characteristics correspond to the Hobwhose place is in kitchen for many years. There is a wide variety of models on the market. How to make the right choice?

The dimension

Depend on number of families which has the hob. The higher the number, the greater the width. Provide an average of 28 cm for appliances with two chimneys. From five fireplaces and more, the space to be provided must be between 80 and 90 cm. The best-selling models are those of 60 cm. They include three to four fireplaces per cook all your preparations. The most important thing is that it fits the space available in your kitchen.


It will take very little time to do this cooking foodif yours Hob it is powerful. The consumption of gas and induction models is lower. The range is between 2000 and 3000 W. On the other hand, this power goes between 1000 and 2500 W for glass ceramic and electric models. Like here, it’s better choose an energy efficient devicebut also efficient.


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The nature of the coating

The coatings are variable according to the nature and the hob model. Note that this parameter is closely related to ease of maintenance. A few wipes are enough clean a glass induction hob For instance. The same goes for the glass ceramic, which does not require much effort. So you can get rid of it traces of food which result from splashes and grease.

The maintenance of electric models or gas It’s not that easy. You will have a hard time getting into corners.

The number of families

Everything will mainly depend on the size of your family. In general, you are entitled to two or even six households depending on the hob model. The larger the family, the less interesting it is to have a low number of fires. Those who live alone or as a couple can settle for one two-burner hob. Starting with a family of four, it will be necessary to increase to three or even four households optimize preparations.


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Cooking methods

According to models of hobs, you may have specific options. The goal is you facilitate daily use. For example, you can keep the pan warm while you prepare something else. The presence of slow cooking mode it is possible on some models. You will be able to invent more classic recipes that take time.

The price

the budget to plan for the purchase of a kitchen depends on two important points, namely:

  • Technology;
  • The number of families.

In general, the electric models they are the most accessible. You can then go to gas and al glass ceramic. As for induction, it will be necessary to plan a fairly large budget to obtain this type of device. They are several hundred euros.

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