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Baptiste Deleplanque created the Promis Juré brand in 2017. Since then, these artisanal ice creams produced a stone’s throw from Lille have won over the taste buds of Haute French gourmets and are preparing to be exported beyond the region.

Baptiste Deleplanque surrounded by his team of Promis employees sworn in © LT

The secret seems simple. Quality products that infuse long enough to reveal their aromas and deliver on the promise of the fragrance shown. ” Promis juror ice cream is the promise of authentic taste: sure and certain that you will find the advertised flavor! This is what makes the difference “, Assures Baptiste Deleplanque, creator of the artisan ice cream brand five years ago, in Sainghin-en-Mélantois (59).

Sorbets and ice creams, in jars and frozen blocks for the end of year celebrations, are now available at 300 distributors in the area (supermarkets and supermarkets, shops, restaurants) or delivered at home. ” The taste comes from the balance of the recipe »Resumes Baptiste Deleplanque.

The Promis Juré range includes 13 perfumes packed in glass jars. © LT

The essential infusion

Surrounded today by a team of ten employees for trade and logistics, the creator of the company called a master ice cream maker, the best worker in France, to develop his first recipes. The milk and other ingredients pasteurize in the afternoon and then cool until the morning. ” Leave to infuse overnight to sublimate the flavors “Baptiste Deleplanque points out.

187.027 This is the number of 470ml jars produced in 2021.

50,000 This is the amount of milk processed in liters in 2021.

Used by artisan ice cream parlors, the processing with a turbine then allows to obtain a creamy consistency with a high density of material, over 60% fruit for the sorbets. The ice creams are made in the Sainghin-en-Mélantois laboratory by the six employees of SARL Deleplanque, a facility associated with the Promis Juré brand.

The crucial choice of products

The DNA of the brand is to control everything, from production to delivery. It is part of the story we have created adds Baptiste Deleplanque.

The products are chosen with care and give priority to the place as much as possible. The cream comes from Avesnois, the strawberries from the MIN de Lomme, the free-range eggs are from the North, the vanilla and coffee are processed in Pas-de-Calais.

As for the milk, it comes from Normandy. ” We couldn’t find any regional milk that meets our criteria: pasteurized milk packed in 20 liter cans to fit our machinesBaptiste Deleplanque regrets. However, it is more than a desire to use local milk “. Speculoos and chocolate from Belgium, peanuts from the Landes – the only ones produced in France -, lemons and hazelnuts from Italy have in common the bond” directly with the producers “.

The vanilla, coffee, caramel and chocolate flavors are labeled Saveurs en’Or and the vanilla ice cream has also been awarded since 2018 by Gault & Millau. ” A great recognition smiles Baptiste Deleplanque.

The plastic is gone

In 2020, Promis Juré takes an important turning point: removing plastic from the packaging of its jars, in favor of glass. ” It’s more complicated, more expensive, requires more storage, but we rest assured because we didn’t want more plastic. “Welcomes Baptiste Deleplanque. The collected jars are recycled into glass wool and into bottles.

The next step ahead? Landmark. In the short term, a service provider will wash the cookware. In the medium term, production will be adjusted with a washing machine, which will require new construction by 2027.

In 2017 the goal was to create the best possible product with maximum taste, recalls Baptiste Deleplanque. We also realized that we wanted to be irreproachable in terms of CSR (corporate social responsibility, ed) “. The approach was rewarded by the Alliances network, which presented Promis Juré with a trophy of responsible economics.

The following ? Leave the borders of Hauts-de-France. ” We want to continue on this dynamic but outside the region. Getting known nationally is a great challenge for the whole team. “, Concludes Baptiste Deleplanque.

Luisa Tesse

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