“I loved this adventure but it didn’t make me change my kitchen”


He is an emblematic candidate who is gone Top Chef, Wednesday evening, near the quarter-finals. Mickaël, the meat of the band, put away his knives and said goodbye to Philippe Etchebest’s brigade at the end of one last casual but tailor-made test for him, around the lamb.

The northern leader has no regrets and seemed to have digested his elimination well when commenting on it 20 minutes.

In this episode, Mickaël, you experienced all the emotions …

Yes, but disappointment prevails. In the end it was like a boxing match with ups and downs, sometimes I started slowly to finish strong. There, I started strong and ended … badly. It is a good summary of my adventure, I still scored points, I managed to make some good shots.

In the first test you are very comfortable with the cuisine of the palace and the dressage described as “haute couture”. How did you experience it?

I cook as a bistro, not a palace. But I enjoyed doing it, touching this palace culture with my fingertips, which I have known in my career. I was very happy with my pot in this event, I believed in it for the win and was very disappointed. Now, that kitchen isn’t me.

Sometimes you also had to cook without meat or protein.

Yes, it was a real challenge. In my kitchen there is a brutal side, with animal proteins at the center of the dishes, but there is not only that inside Top Chef. Arriving with a precise and strong identity is good to be recognized by the spectators, but it is difficult to open up about events. Having a great culinary identity is good for a restaurant, but not necessarily good for Top Chef.

In this episode, Louise won by making her first vol-au-vent. Candidates are sometimes better on tests who are not like them.

This is the side of comfort and comfort. When you think you’ve learned a product or recipe, you let yourself go. When I was attending events that weren’t my thing, I had more focus and commitment, and that creates some nice surprises.

What do you remember of this adventure?

Filming of Top Chef has changed many things, but above all I have more confidence in my kitchen, I have acquired stability and serenity. And in my restaurant, he showed me that my kids could work without me. Before these three months of absence, I had never missed an appointment in my restaurant. And it’s nice to be able to delegate, to be more Zen, more relaxed.

And has your kitchen evolved?

I made my identity evolve a little, towards something more refined, more technical. Perhaps…

Do you have vegetarian dishes on the menu? After being the “fat is life” candidate, have you become a “grains only” chef?

For nothing. I did bistro cooking, peasant cooking, and I stay on that. I loved this adventure but it didn’t make me change cuisine. What have I done Top Chef stay in Top Chef. I had a blast with the dressings, the audacity because I knew it was what was expected. But for my establishment, it is not suitable. I remain myself, Top Chef it won’t make me change

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